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Des Moines Corporate Games Helps Companies Like F&G Recruit, Retain Top Talent

Corporate games in DSM USA

December 10, 2018

The team at Fidelity & Guaranty Life (F&G) has really enjoyed participating in the Des Moines Corporate Games since its creation in 2016. F&G encourages employees to have fun, provide a work/life balance, get involved in our community and have a wellness plan. These Des Moines Corporate Games events are just one way we can engage our employees and encourage employees to be active.

Recruitment & Retention Tool

Each year we have been able to increase the number of participants that compete in events. We often see our newest employees as some of the first to get signed up for events. You could even say that allowing additional amenities like this could be seen as a recruitment and retention tool. It truly is something new and different that not every company can say they have participated in or won. Employers across the country offer a wide range of benefits and amenities to draw in employees, retain and keep them engaged. Here at F&G we can set our self apart from the competition by offering additional fun with amenities like the Des Moines Corporate Games. 

Company Health & Wellness

The wide variety of events offered has provided something for every employee to show that F&G pride and active lifestyle as an individual or a team. From Fitness Walks and Burst Your Thirst to running and a bike ride all the way to team events like volleyball and ultimate Frisbee — everyone had something they were interested in. These summer events not only get our competitive spirit flowing, but encouraged networking both within the company and with the teams we were competing with. We can touch on all of our pillars within a few months participating in the Des Moines Corporate Games. Even if you don’t feel like you can be a participant, you have the opportunity to volunteer at event registration or just come and cheer on your co-workers giving you an opportunity to be involved in whatever way you want. 

Motivation & Achievement

For me personally, a triathlon was on my bucket list for a long time. However, it was just one of those things I just couldn’t get myself to officially sign up for. When I learned that Des Moines Corporate Games had a triathlon in partnership with the Iowa Games, I told myself I would completely do this and finally knock that off my bucket list. I went into the event with some uncertainty and reluctancy. I set a goal — honestly, just to finish — but with a time in mind. A triathlon can be a mind game, it takes some time to train, compete and it is hard work. I was fortunate enough to not only finish but beat the time I set for myself by 20 minutes! Had it not been for the Des Moines Corporate Games, I could still be sitting with this as a wish and not a reality!

I heard similar stories from people I met during my three years participating in the Des Moines Corporate Games. Some were walking a 5k, some were running for the first time, some were getting back into a sport they were previously passionate about. Not everything has to be competitive. Sometimes, it is stepping out of your comfort zone and giving something new a try or knocking something off your bucket list. I encourage everyone to try something and give yourself a chance at participating.

William Jennings Bryan said, “It is not something to be waited for, but rather something to be achieved.” What are you waiting for? What do you want to achieve? Take a chance on yourself today, no matter what it is, believe in yourself first.

DSM Community Impact

In 2017 the Des Moines Corporate Games added a partnership with LifeServe Blood Center and an opportunity for F&G to partner together for hosting an onsite blood drive. Holding a blood drive was at the top of our employees’ list of things they would like to see us offer. We were easily able to offer this as a way to be involved in our community. However, we recognized an additional opportunity to partner with others companies in our building, Ruan Center, to hold joint blood drives together maximizing the amount of donors every two months. This partnership has blossomed and we are starting on our second year of the joint blood drive events. Events like this help our community by having an ample blood supply on hand all year long. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this relationship with LifeServe and our partner companies (Ruan, MidAmerican and Bankers Trust). A single pint of blood can save three hospital patients’ lives. You can make a difference, with just one donation. 

Why Sign Up Your Company?

The Des Moines Corporate Games staff is well organized and has been great to work with, making it easy for our employees to participate, have fun and be involved at any level they want. It is exciting to be a part of this growing event in our community! 

To get your business involved with Des Moines Corporate Games, register today! Learn more about how your organization can promote employee wellness in the workplace by accessing The Partnership’s free GetActive Workplace Wellness toolkit downloads.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a Suitability Compliance Analyst for Fidelity & Guaranty Life (F&G). He is also part of the company's wellness committee promoting various different activities to keep employees engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Chris was one of two leads for F&G leading efforts for the Des Moines Corporate Games.