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Country's Largest Skatepark to Open This Fall in DSM USA

Lauridsen Skate Park DSM

Development in Downtown Des Moines (DSM)continues to cultivate projects that showcase our region on the national stage. One of our most exciting development projects currently in the works is the Lauridsen Skatepark— an long-anticipated recreational park and future host venue to major skateboarding events.

With such benefits to the community as a positive economic impact, improved health and wellness to DSM youth, as well as improved interaction and interpersonal skills, the Lauridsen Skatepark is a vision designed by renowned skateboarders, Lance Mountain and Colby Carter.

Watch the video below to see how parks can improve your health in eight different ways. Did you know people who live closer to parks exercise more and report better mental health? This is just one way the Lauridsen Skatepark will make a difference in the Downtown DSM community!  

Skatepark Features

The Lauridsen Skatepark, an extension of the Principal Riverwalk, will feature:

· 88,000 square feet of skateable terrain.

· WOW skateable artwork

· Skate bowls and pools.

· Lower plaza with pedestrian walkway and shaded bench seating.


Skatepark Updates

As of the most recent Lauridsen Skatepark cabinet meeting, the finalized design of Lauridsen Skatepark will include additional skateable space to make it the largest skatepark in the U.S. The final design will also include a Spectator Park to encourage viewing of the skatepark and the new Central Iowa Water Trails project, as well as increase accessibility to the skatepark. Polk County has also proposed retaining ownership of the land permanently. This would provide additional flexibility of the site, while leveraging conservation and sustainability opportunities.

Developers will break ground on the skatepark soon. Information on Lauridsen Skatepark can be found at dsmskatepark.com. Join a growing list of 5,118 Iowans in support of this project by adding your name and staying up to date on the skatepark’s progress.

The Bigger Picture

The Lauridsen Skatepark is just one piece of the Downtown DSM development puzzle. With the implementation of the Water Trails project also on the horizon, Downtown DSM will become a major hub for outdoor recreation, bursting with new amenities and access to an abundance of activities that not only nurture your body, but your mind, too. Outdoor offerings will be within walking distance of neighborhoods and workplaces, creating an interconnected city for anyone in the city.


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Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is a growing, vibrant community that offers the energy, sophistication, housing and attractions of a big city. It’s also easy to visit with plentiful andaffordable street and ramp parking options.

Lauridsen Skatepark Co-Chairs Brad Anderson, Angela Connolly, Christine Hensley

Brad Anderson, Angela Connolly, Christine Hensley are the Lauridsen Skatepark co-chairs. Lauridsen Skatepark is one of the largest skateparks in the nation.