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Capital City Fruit: Nurturing Workplace Health + Happiness Through Fresh Produce

Office Fruit Delivery

January 31, 2024

In the heart of Norwalk, Iowa, Capital City Fruit has stood as a beacon of freshness and quality in the world of produce for 75 years. A third-generation family-owned business, their commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality produce extends beyond the borders of Iowa, reaching communities far and wide. Let's delve into the journey of Capital City Fruit, exploring their evolution into a direct-to-consumer delivery service and the positive impact they've made through initiatives like their Workplace Wellness program.

A Legacy of Freshness

Nestled in Norwalk, Iowa, Capital City Fruit has been a vital part of the community for generations. Their unwavering focus on delivering the freshest and highest quality produce has become a hallmark of the business. They have not only served the state of Iowa but have extended their reach to communities beyond, especially in food desserts across the Midwest where fresh produce can be difficult to secure.

Direct-to-Consumer Revolution

In the midst of the challenges presented in 2020, Capital City Fruit saw an opportunity to bring their fresh produce directly to the people. The launch of their direct-to-consumer produce delivery service marked a turning point, providing fresh and affordable fruit to many in Greater Des Moines (DSM). This move not only aligned with changing consumer preferences but also showcased the adaptability and innovation inherent in the company's ethos.

Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace

Capital City Fruit didn't stop at just delivering fresh produce to households. In 2020, they took a bold step forward with the initiation of their Workplace Wellness program. By delivering tasty and fresh fruit to offices across Des Moines, they aimed to enhance the employee experience and promote a healthier work environment. According to the CDC, companies supporting workplace wellness witness a higher percentage of employees at work every day. Capital City Fruit's commitment to employee well-being underscores its passion for both freshness and the local economy.

From Cases to Customization

What began as the simple act of sending cases of fruit to a few local businesses quickly evolved into a comprehensive service. Capital City Fruit now offers customized packs tailored to businesses of all sizes. Their very own delivery driver operates a dedicated delivery van, ensuring that the freshest produce reaches workplaces in DSM. This seamless transition from cases to customization highlights the company's agility and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of their clientele.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

The Kitchen and Bath Company in Ankeny, Iowa, sums up the Capital City Fruit experience succinctly, stating, "Ordering and scheduling was so easy, and the staff is enjoying having a mix of fresh fruit available to them." This glowing testimony from a satisfied customer exemplifies the positive impact that Capital City Fruit has had on businesses, big and small, through their commitment to delivering not just produce but an enhanced experience.

In conclusion, Capital City Fruit's journey to get fresh produce in the homes and offices across the region is a testament to their resilience, adaptability and unwavering commitment to quality. Through initiatives like the Workplace Wellness program, they are not only delivering freshness but also sowing the seeds of health and happiness in workplaces across Iowa.

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Mike Schmitt

Mike Schmitt is Business Development Executive at Capital City Fruit, pioneers workplace wellness and food-as-medicine endeavors. A visionary leader, Mike enhances employee experiences by delivering fresh fruit to Des Moines offices. His commitment to holistic well-being aligns with Capital City Fruit's mission to foster healthier communities through quality produce.