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November 15, 2022

Jayinary Owner Jessica Faue worked a variety of jobs before her knack for painting rooms evolved into an LLC. Once she began to advertise to friends and family, word of mouth helped people find her business, which she does part-time in-between caring for her kids, subbing at a local school, working as a banquet server with Hilton and volunteering as President of the Polk City Friends of the Parks. Because projects require prepping and a large amount of mental energy — and Jessica is a perfectionist — she never wants Jayinary to be a full-time gig, but it’s a creative outlet that she loves to lose herself in for a short time. Jessica tries to finish designs within one day, giving 100% to this particular creative outlet-turned side hustle. Laundry Room Design

Jayinary clients pick out projects, then Jessica goes back and forth with them on any alterations, colors, etc. She brings her equipment to finish the project during the week, getting started by drawing on the wall or, sometimes, using projection to get the design drawn out. For Jessica, the opportunity to be solely involved in one project and seeing a design come to life, along with the positive client feedback she receives, is what keeps her going. The flexibility of owning her own business also allows her to create the kind of life that’s indispensable to her at this stage.

Jessica suggests other entrepreneurs reach out to those in their life who can provide support in their entrepreneurial journey. For her, that meant asking a friend about accounting. In another instance, she had a project come in that needed her to paint an ombre design. Since she hadn’t done this before, she watched videos online to see how to create the design she needed and was able to complete the project by taking the time to learn new skills.

As Jessica continues her journey with Jayinary, she has learned to set limits with how she spends her time and works to explain how to ready a room pre-project completion to her clients. At every project, she learns something new that she can alter for the next time. Currently, she is talking with businesses about painting designs and with home builders about completing designs for clients prior to their moving into their newly purchased home. When it comes to Jayinary, Jessica is excited to have recently joined the Polk City Chamber of Commerce and tap into the local entrepreneur community so she can continue to put herself out there and find new projects to put her expertise to work.

About Jayinary

Jayinary offers custom interior mural painting for your home or office.

Founder: Jessica Faue

Industry: Art, Decor | DSM County Location: Polk County


jayinary@gmail.com | jayinary.com

One Piece of Advice from Another Local Entrepreneur

“Try letting customers name their own price and have faith in people.” – Kim Gratney, fullCIRCLE creative + coaching

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