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Plains Angels members have made portfolio investments in the following companies. All investors make their own independent decisions and are not reported here for privacy and contractual reasons. Please contact the companies directly for more information. The list below is a sampling of companies that have received investment from Plains Angels.


Clinicnote is a system for speech therapists to optimally capture client notes and submit reports to insurance companies.

Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to improve teachers’ lives by making rich, active teaching easy.



Peppermint brings personal renewable energy to those without power. It provides a life-changing service to hundreds of millions of people. 

Men’s Style Lab provides an online concierge service for men who don’t like to shop. Customers receive hand-selected clothing from a personal stylist at an affordable price that is tailored to their size, budget and lifestyle without leaving the comfort of their home. 

Igor is a software-only company enabling powering and controlling LED fixtures and sensors using only a simple ethernet wire. Igor’s intelligent software platform intuitively connects spaces, people and things using associated lights, sensors and devices. 

Corvida Medical provides proprietary medical devices enabling safer, more efficient and user-friendly preparation, delivery and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals.


Exemplar Genetics enables discovery by providing the vehicle to break new ground on the medical research frontier.

Agren is a private consulting firm dedicated to helping agriculture find profitable solutions to environmental challenges. Today, where agriculture impacts the environment, Agren offers answers.

ezNetPay was founded to become a nationwide leader in pay request and collaborative project information solutions for a variety of industries.

Iowa Approach Inc. formed in 2012 to commercialize an innovative collection of catheter-based tools used to treat atrial fibrillation. They work to make atrial fibrillation ablation safer, faster, more accessible and less expensive for millions of people.