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Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Nexus 6 Marketing Founder Dave Makin and Vivid Gray Owner/Nexus 6 Videographer Jay Casmirri discuss saving money on marketing your business at the 2019 Small Business Success Summit. From social media tools and creating videos to building an experience and leveraging face-to-face interaction, there are many ways to market your business without making a huge investment.

Creating Content with Canva

If you don’t have the money to invest in design programs/products, Canva is a well-known tool to create designs from anywhere.  Create visual advertising for many different social channels. Download the app and you can utilize that and the website with ease.

Scheduling Posts with Buffer or Hootsuite

Buffer and Hootsuite are two free channels that will upload to Instagram, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. With free tools like these, you can schedule a select number of posts for the future.


With video you want to entertain, educate and establish expertise. To create good video, you’ll want the right equipment. Reduce shaky video and track specific motion with the DJI Osmo. By using an extension cable and mic, your sound will come through much better as well. Portable lights like the Dracast Silkray also create soft light that won’t be too harsh for your face.

Looking for tools to help grow your startup or small business? Visit the Small Business Resources Hub to find the information you need or sign up for Mentor Connection to build relationships with a trusted group of mentors.