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An easy way to get more involved with Young Professionals Connection is at the committee level. Each committee offers various planning and leadership opportunities for members. Learn more about YPC committees below.

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YPC offers and promotes athletic and wellness opportunities throughout the year. The goal of the YPC Athletics Committee is to plan fun events for members and non-members as well as providing a way for people participate in leagues (team sports) as an individual. YPC understands that health and wellness is essential to being a more productive professional, and strives to provide its membership with a variety of ways to live a healthier life with athletic opportunities.

Some of the athletic events/leagues that we coordinate include:

  • Partner on events with local professional sports teams or organizations
  • Partner on events with local businesses related to athletics
  • League sports include sand volleyball, softball, curling, bowling and more!

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Athletics Facebook group or contact the Athletics Coordinator.


YPC strives to provide opportunities for members to learn about and get involved in business, community and government activities. The Civic Committee ensures members have the tools and resources they need to be active citizens on both a local and state-wide level.

In addition, the Civic Committee provides members opportunities to interact with political candidates and elected officials from all parties. YPC strives to provide a nonpartisan view of political candidates and issues to help members make informed political decisions and actively participate in their communities.

The Civic Committee works closely with the Volunteer and Social Committees of YPC on many activities. Some of the events include:

  • Lunch and learn events with local leaders
  • Candidate Conversations — an opportunity to meet candidates running for office
  • Issue education events

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Civic Facebook group or contact the Civic Chair.

Want to make your voice heard but don't know how to contact your legislator? Find contact information for your legislator.


YPC creates and encourages an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds. The goal of YPC’s Diversity and Culture Committee is to foster an inclusive environment that promotes social, civic, charitable and diverse opportunities for YPC membership.

YPC strives to promote and educate the YPC membership on multiculturalism through different YPC events:

  • Dinners around DSM
  • Ethnic festivals
  • Networking events

The Diversity and Culture Committee also serves as the connecting point between YPC and diverse organizations throughout the DSM. It is the committee’s goal that such connections will help build relationships, enhance members’ understanding of diversity and offer YPC additional opportunities to grow.

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please contact the Diversity and Culture Chair.


YPC is dedicated to ensuring DSM is a culturally thriving destination for young professionals to live, work and play. A strong urban core is essential to creating a strong metro region. YPC’s Impact Downtown Committee promotes economic development and educates young professionals about opportunities and all things happening Downtown.

The Impact Downtown Committee:

  • Works with the other committees to coordinate identified Downtown activities that support YPC goals
  • Develops and implements challenges that positively impact Downtown, which encourage young professionals and business leaders to work together in efforts that benefit the community
  • Works with the Greater Des Moines Partnership and other Downtown DSM entities to create a common goal to strengthen and promote the Downtown DSM community

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Impact Downtown Facebook group or contact the Impact Downtown Chair.


YPC promotes an environment that attracts and retains young professionals both within its membership and in DSM. The Marketing Committee looks for members who are seasoned marketing professionals or emerging leaders who are looking to build their skills in the field.  

The YPC Marketing Committee strives to:

  • Brand and market YPC to current and prospective members
  • Promote YPC events to members to foster involvement
  • Connect YPC members through communication across a variety of media

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Marketing Facebook group or contact the Marketing Chair.


YPC is its members. The Membership Committee is charged with attracting and retaining YPC members. It sets general rules and guidelines for YPC membership, helps plan and execute various YPC events and goes into the community to share YPC information with others.

  • Organizes and hosts the monthly new member meetings where new or prospective members are introduced to YPC
  • Educates and encourages new members to get involved and integrated into various YPC committees and activities through YPC's new member program
  • Facilitates the YPC Ambassador program that strives to welcome and engage the membership at YPC events
  • Creates and interprets the annual YPC survey

For more information about the committee and how to get involved, please contact the Membership Chair.


YPC strives to provide members with opportunities for professional growth and networking. YPC’s Professional Development committee helps members enrich their career experiences.

Some of the professional development opportunities the committee has created include:

  • Speaking engagements on a variety of business-related topics
  • Tools and resources available on the YPC website
  • Forging lasting business and personal relationships
  • Business partnerships to foster professional networking and career growth

YPC wants to provide beneficial resources and opportunities to positively affect members’ career goals — and wants to hear members’ ideas!

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Professional Development Facebook group or contact the Professional Development Chair.


YPC offers many social opportunities and events throughout the year. The YPC Social Committee plans events for members and makes them more aware of activities in DSM — including social, sporting and cultural events.

Some of the events that the committee plans include:

  • Monthly happy hour
  • Sporting events
  • Events at Des Moines area attractions
  • Events that benefit charities and nonprofits involved with the Volunteer Committee

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please visit the YPC Social Facebook group or contact the Social Chair.


YPC encourages members to do more in Greater Des Moines (DSM) through volunteer and philanthropic efforts to improve the quality of life for residents. The Volunteer Committee’s goal is to make opportunities and resources available to help create, foster and sustain connections between young professionals and nonprofit organizations to build a better community

The Volunteer Committee provides YPC members with a variety of educational and interactive volunteer opportunities, including:

  • A featured nonprofit program that provides a local nonprofit organization the opportunity to attend the YPC monthly social happy hour in addition to collaborating on a volunteer project
  • Educational workshops focusing on topics such as fundraising, organizational development, serving on a board of directors and more
  • Working with local nonprofit organizations to promote current and upcoming organizations or community-wide volunteer events
  • A wide range of information and resources relating to volunteering, charitable giving and the nonprofit sector at large

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, please contact the Volunteer Chair.