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The position of Volunteer Chair shall plan events to provide access and awareness for YPC members to make an impact on local charities and non-profit groups. It will be at the Chair's discretion whether to utilize a committee process for the planning and execution of events. The Chair will also collaborate with other YPC committees and nonprofit organizations in Central Iowa.

This is a voting position.

YPC Volunteer Chair Responsibilities + Prior Experience

See below for more information on Volunteer Chair responsibilities and ideal traits.

What You’ll Do
  • Plan events centered around volunteerism endeavors (i.e. Volunteer Fair, panels, speakers, Chili for Charity, supply drives, and overall raising awareness)
  • May lead a committee and regularly engage with YPC membership while encouraging collaboration with other YPC committees and outside groups
  • Ideally, identify the passions of YPC members and align volunteer programming and initiatives toward the direction of member interests
What It Takes
  • An interest in raising awareness for nonprofit organizations in the Greater Des Moines Area
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • The ability to lead a committee and delegate tasks (should you choose to chair a standing committee)
  • The ability to balance planning of multiple events
  • Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week
    (found it works best to devote at least 30 minutes daily to avoid overwhelming backlog)
A Strong Candidate
  • Has been an active member of the Volunteer Committee or has participated in the Volunteer Committee in the past
  • Has a strong knowledge of the mission and purpose of YPC
3 Traits Describing an Ideal Candidate
  • Empathetic
  • Involved (beyond YPC, needs to be connected in community)
  • Listener (willing to listen to others ideas & use feedback to inform decision-making)