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The position of Civic Chair strives to provide opportunities for YPC members to become active citizens in their communities, the Greater Des Moines Area, and the State of Iowa. The goal of the Civic Committee is to make sure members have the tools and resources they need to engage in their government, business, and community organizations.

This is a voting position.

What You’ll Do

The Civic Chair recruits committee members that work to provide a variety of opportunities to interact with political candidates, elected officials, and leaders in a non-partisan fashion. The Civic Chair also works to provide members with resources and opportunities to engage government and community organizations and actively participate in the electoral process.

The Civic Chair facilitates collaborations with YPC committees and outside groups to plan events (i.e. debate watch parties, issue forums, informative tours [Civics 101], and meetings with government officials and candidates). As Civic Chair, you hold a seat on the Greater Des Moines Partnership Government Policy Council. This board typically meets monthly for 1.5 hours during regular business hours.

What It Takes
  • An interest in educating and exposing members to business, community, and government activities at the local, state, and national level
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • The ability to lead a committee and delegate tasks
  • The ability to balance planning of multiple events
  • Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week
    (20 hours per month: meeting, email, meeting prep, event planning, YPC event networking)
A Strong Candidate
  • Has participated in Civic Committee Events or has been an active member of the Civic Committee in the past
  • Has a strong knowledge of the mission and purpose of YPC
4 Traits Describing an Ideal Candidate
  • Passionate about civic engagement
  • Open-learner
  • Open-listener
  • Non-partisan