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The position of Diversity and Culture Chair helps to facilitate YPC's goal to create and encourage an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and cultures. The Chair will help to serve as a connection point between YPC and other organizations throughout the Des Moines area, with the goal being to build relationships, to enhance our understanding of diversity and culture, and to provide access to new growth opportunities. The Chair will preside over a committee that will help coordinate said opportunities.

This is a voting position.

What You’ll Do

The Diversity and Culture Chair plans events centered on enhancing our understanding of diversity and culture (i.e. Dinners Around Des Moines, diversity-themed game nights, expert panels and round-tables, and other networking events). The Chair collaborates with the YPC Board members and committees.

The Diversity and Culture Chair sits on the Greater Des Moines Partnership Diversity and Inclusion Council and meets with this Council at intervals determined by the Partnership. Typically, the Council meets every 6 weeks for 1.5 hours during regular business hours.

What It Takes
  • An interest in both diversity and cultural opportunities for YPC members
  • A desire for collaboration with other organizations and other YPC committees to create value for membership
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • The ability to lead a committee and delegate tasks
  • The ability to balance planning of multiple events
  • Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week
A Strong Candidate
  • Has participated in Diversity and Culture Committee Events or has been an active member of the Diversity and Culture committee in the past
  • Has a strong knowledge of the mission and purpose of YPC
  • Is the voice of under-represented interests on the YPC board, especially relating to: slating a more diverse Board, ensuring ADA compliance at events, ensuring YPC is sensitive and accepting to all cultures, recruiting minority YPs for YPC membership
6 Traits Describing an Ideal Candidate
  • Self-reliant
  • Organized
  • Collaborator
  • Community-focused
  • Compassionate
  • Understanding