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Contact YPC

YPC strives to provide emerging leaders a forum for both personal and professional development. Please contact YPC with any questions.

Young Professionals Connection
Greater Des Moines Partnership
700 Locust St., Ste. 100
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Phone: (515) 286-4913

Fax: (515) 286-4974

Email: contactus@ypcDSM.com

Interested in hosting a YPC event?

Businesses interested in hosting YPC events or monthly meetings should contact contactus@ypcDSM.com. Meetings generally take place Monday through Thursday and last about one hour, with two meetings sometimes taking place the same evening.

Submit Your Event for the YPC Newsletter!

Have a charitable or professional development event you’d like to include in the YPC newsletter? Please share it with YPC! Contact contactus@ypcDSM.com for more information.

Please note, all submissions will be considered, but may not fit the criteria for inclusion.