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YPC is its members. The position of Membership Chair will actively attract and retain YPC members. It will be at the chair's discretion whether to utilize a committee process for the planning and execution of programming initiatives aimed at defining and refining YPC membership. The Membership Chair shall oversee all planning and operations of the YPC Ambassador Program.

This is a voting position.

YPC Membership Chair Responsibilities + Prior Experience

See below for more information on Membership Chair responsibilities and ideal traits.

What You’ll Do
  • Act as a customer-service-representative, responding to member inquires and issues
  • Organize and host the monthly New Member meetings and New Member socials where new or potential members are introduced to YPC
  • Educate and encourage new members to get involved and integrated into various YPC committees and activities
  • Analyze membership and event data to understand YPC trends and patterns
  • Report to the Board on the current status of membership, new members, renewing members and the interests of these individuals
  • Oversee the recruitment and organization of Ambassadors
What It Takes
  • Strong communication and public speaking skills
  • General passion for networking and helping others to create lasting connections
  • Strong organization skills
  • The ability to provide positive customer service
  • The ability to lead a committee and delegate tasks (should you choose to chair a standing committee)
  • The ability to balance planning of multiple events
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week
A Strong Candidate
  • Has leadership skills or a desire to obtain such
  • Has participated in Membership Committee Events or has been an active member of the Membership committee in the past
  • Has a strong knowledge of the mission and purpose of YPC
6 Traits Describing an Ideal Candidate
  • Strong speaking skills
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Organized
  • Reliable