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Polk County Voters Say Yes to Des Moines International’s New Terminal Project

November 8, 2023

Des Moines, Iowa (November 8, 2023): The Des Moines Airport Authority is delighted to announce the resounding success of Public Measure Letter A in the election. This measure allows Polk County to bond up to $350 million on behalf of the Des Moines Airport Authority, and it is expected to save an estimated $70 million in interest costs over the life of the loan. This tremendous show of support from our community ensures that the airport remains competitive and continues to be a driving force for the economic prosperity of central Iowa. 

The Des Moines Airport Authority wishes to extend its deepest gratitude to the voters of Polk County for recognizing the significance of Public Measure Letter A. This measure reflects a long-term vision for the future of our region, as it will not only secure the financial well-being and competitiveness of the airport but also strengthen its pivotal role in fostering economic growth for the region and state. 

The Polk County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to issue the bond referendum in September allowing voters to determine whether to support this effort. The County’s higher bond rating allows the Airport Authority to build the terminal at the lowest possible cost.  The cost savings will allow the airport to be more competitive in courting airlines to operate and add service at DSM while positioning the airport for future expansions as demand necessitates. The new terminal will improve ticketing, security, baggage operations, streamline passenger screening, and expand passenger boarding capacity by 50%.  

“The Des Moines Airport Authority acknowledges the unwavering support and leadership of the Polk County Board of Supervisors who made this possible,” said Board Chair Jake Christensen. “We believe this victory is a testament to the strong partnership between the Des Moines Airport Authority and the community it serves. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and will continue our steadfast dedication to maintaining the Des Moines International Airport as a key driver of growth and economic success in central Iowa.” 

About the Des Moines Airport Authority  

The Des Moines Airport Authority is an independent entity that oversees the operations and maintenance of the Des Moines International Airport, a vital transportation hub for the State of Iowa. With over 30 nonstop destinations across the United States, the Airport Authority works to provide safe, high quality air service while making air travel to and from Iowa more convenient and pleasurable.  For more information, visit www.flydsm.com and follow @dsmairport on Twitter and DSM International Airport on Facebook.