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Greater Des Moines Partnership Announces Results Of 2023 Workforce Trends & Occupancy Study

June 15, 2023

GREATER DES MOINES, IA (June 15, 2023) – The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released the results of the 2023 DSM Workforce Trends and Occupancy study as it relates to the regional knowledge workforce. 

This is the second year for the study, which included over 2,000 participants from 20 organizations to identify trends specific to the Greater Des Moines (DSM) region and Downtown Des Moines (DSM). 

The study, conducted by research firms Bâton Global and Reworc, helped organizers uncover 10 key insights so far, six regarding the future of work and four regarding the future of Downtown DSM. 

Insights related to the future of work in DSM include: 

  • Happier Workers: DSM workers reported an increase in satisfaction with their organizations in 2023 over 2022. Data indicates that DSM workers enjoy a higher level of satisfaction with their work than the national average.   
  • Total Rewards: Employees continue to value competitive salary, work-life balance and benefits as being part of the total Employee Value Proposition (EVP). DSM companies are faring well in this area.  
  • In It Together: Collaboration is the area where the workforce expresses the highest level of satisfaction across all organizational characteristics. 
  • Office Space Matters: 2023 data indicates that the workforce recognizes the importance of time in the office. There is an opportunity to revisit how office space is dedicated and utilized to support coaching, peer mentoring and productive social interactions. 
  • Flexibility First: Workers say flexibility to fulfill personal responsibilities is among the most critical components not only for the return to office but also their employers’ EVP.  
  • Learning Culture: Employees value a continued emphasis on experiential learning on the job. There is an opportunity for leaders to ensure that expert staff, who are well-suited to provide learning opportunities for others, receive recognition for these activities. 

Insights related to the future of Downtown DSM include: 

  • Safety: A strong emphasis upon safety and security is critical to a thriving Downtown. Plans underway for the redevelopment of Downtown areas and Skywalk revitalization should boost overall satisfaction. The data indicates that cultural events, socializing and outdoor recreation are the top three attributes with the highest levels of satisfaction. These strengths should continue to be leveraged for improving the vitality and attractiveness of Downtown DSM. 
  • Out and About: More workers have increased their frequency of using Downtown DSM amenities.  
  • Keep Improving: Data that indicates the workforce values more options for enjoying Downtown DSM. Participants said that they would utilize Downtown more with continued improvements – particularly among younger workers and empty nesters.   
  • The Right Balance: The majority of respondents value walkability. The data suggest there is opportunity to consider how to optimize the balance between using existing parking ramps and skywalk with the redevelopment of spaces into appealing pedestrian districts that provide the cultural and recreational opportunities for workers. 

“The Workforce Trends & Occupancy Study is an invaluable tool for workplaces across the region as they continue to respond to the evolving nature of work,” said Jenae Sikkink, Senior Vice President of Talent Development at The Partnership. “This study is unique in that it provides a hyperlocal look into the insights of employees in Greater Des Moines. We encourage employers to use these results to shape their workplaces.” 

Review more results from the Workforce Trends and Occupancy Study on The Partnership’s website.  

About the Greater Des Moines Partnership 

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