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DSM Forward Publishes Construction and Development, Financial and Professional Services Playbooks

May 21, 2020

GREATER DES MOINES, IA (May 21, 2020) – The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released more DSM Forward industry-specific playbooks devoted to helping businesses and industries prepare for next steps related to economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in a smart, safe and collaborative way. DSM Forward playbooks include recommendations — leveraging international, national, state and local sources and following federal, state and local public health official recommendations — to help guide businesses and organizations as they determine pathways toward the future in an everchanging landscape.

Two new industry-specific playbooks have been published: Construction and Development, and Financial and Professional Services. This is in addition to the previously published industry-specific playbooks: Agriculture, Child Care, Education, Events, Arts and Culture, Hotels, Gyms, Government, Health Care, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Personal Services, Restaurants, Retail and Utilities. DSM Forward also includes six professional business function playbooks with takeaways that are specific to professional functions that could be present in any business, regardless of industry. The playbooks are meant to provide guidelines and recommendations. They are not prescriptive, nor do they include specific timelines, as each organization is unique.

The expert-led DSM Forward initiative includes playbooks built with guidance, recommendations and feedback from industry leaders and leaders in the medical field.

“In Greater Des Moines, we work together to get things done, and the Financial and Professional Services playbook is another example,” said Dan Houston, Chairman, President and CEO of Principal. “A tremendous amount of research and collaboration went into developing a tool that will benefit everyone in this industry as we look toward the future.”

“The Financial and Professional Services playbook provides data-driven guidelines to help businesses in our industry ensure a safe experience for employees and customers,” said Annette Adams, Associate Vice President, P&C Human Resources at Nationwide. “Financial and professional services is a key industry in Greater Des Moines, and this will guide companies in making the best decisions for their business.”

“The Construction and Development playbook will be a great resource to any company involved in the construction industry as we take on future projects,” said Mike Tousley, Executive Vice President & General Manager at The Weitz Company. “The playbook’s development was driven in large part from input by industry leaders who worked collaboratively to build it, and was guided by extensive data.”

More About DSM Forward

The playbooks have been guided by input from the DSM Forward Task Force made up of Greater Des Moines Partnership Board Members, Capital Crossroads leadership and other industry leaders. The Partnership worked with Bâton Global to guide this process, which included extensive feedback from business, industry and community leaders and the community at-large. The playbooks were produced in alignment with developing plans by Polk County Board of Supervisors, Polk County Emergency Management, Polk County Health, the State of Iowa and other key partners. A number of other industry playbooks will be added as The Partnership and Task Force work with industry leaders to ensure the most relevant, accurate information is presented.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership's DSM Forward playbooks are?not intended to constitute legal advice or provide specific direction. Please see the DSM Forward playbook legal disclaimer for more information.

View the DSM Forward website at DSMpartnership.com/DSMforward. Watch for continued updates as new industries are added and as the situation continues to evolve.

About the Greater Des Moines Partnership

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