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National and Local Blood Supply at Dangerously Low Level

June 15, 2022

DES MOINES, Iowa (June 14, 2022) – Iowa based community blood centers, LifeServe Blood Center and ImpactLife, along with local hospitals are issuing critical appeals for blood donors and urging community members to donate blood this week. National and local blood supplies have dipped to critically low levels. Currently, there is less than a one-day supply of more than half of the blood types which causes concern for hospitals and patients in need.

“We normally have a 3-5 day supply of all blood types on our shelves,” said Stacy Sime, Chief Executive Officer for LifeServe Blood Center. “Our blood supply has dwindled to less than a one-day supply. Unfortunately, we’ve seen less blood donors these last few months but the demand for blood products continues to rise and we need to immediately increase our supply,” said Sime.

There is a constant need for donations as blood products have a short shelf life and the blood supply needs to be continuously replenished. On average, someone needs blood every two seconds. LifeServe, and local hospitals, always need blood products on the shelf for patients in need.

“When people are bleeding, having blood available is critically important for us,” said Dr. Richard Sidwell, MD, with The Iowa Clinic and UnityPoint Health – Des Moines. “It matters where you donate. LifeServe is our regional blood center, and we get the blood we need from LifeServe and their blood donors.”

To battle the dip in blood donations, LifeServe Blood Center is opening select donor centers for additional hours and days. Facing an urgent need for additional donors, LifeServe asks all eligible and potential donors to schedule appointments to give blood this week. Blood donors can find available appointments at the following blood drives or donor centers this week:

Learn more at lifeservebloodcenter.org or by calling (800) 287-4903.

About LifeServe Blood Center

LifeServe Blood Center is a non-profit, community-based blood center that has served the needs of local hospitals and patients in our regions since 1963. As one of the 15 largest blood centers in the country, LifeServe Blood Center is the SOLE provider of blood and blood products to more than 120 hospitals located across Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. LifeServe is committed to saving lives by providing premier service to volunteer blood donors and access to a safe, quality blood supply for hospitals and patients. Your donation with LifeServe will help save your neighbor, a friend or family member or a stranger on the street. YOU make a difference in YOUR community. For more information about blood donation or to schedule an appointment to donate blood, call 800.287.4903 or visit lifeservebloodcenter.org.