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McCulloh Retires from The Weitz Company After 20 Years

January 14, 2019

Jim McCulloh has left behind some big shoes to fill. After 20 years with The Weitz Company, he retired at the end of 2018.

During his career ascent to senior vice president, McCulloh grew the Weitz client and project portfolios through his relationships and from knowing what really matters to the customer. He nurtured and developed many partnerships that will transcend his time with Weitz to have lasting impressions into the future.

In just two decades, McCulloh was involved in the successful completion of more than 40 projects. Most recently, he provided executive oversight on the Hilton Des Moines Downtown — a $101 million public- private partnership between Polk County, the City of Des Moines and Weitz.

Jim McCulloh“Jim McCulloh is an extraordinary leader in our company and community,” said Mike Tousley, executive vice president and general manager for The Weitz Company. “He went out of his way to get to know people to develop real relationships — real friendships — with the decision makers and leaders in our community and industry. His ability to connect with such a diverse group of organizations and leaders is something that we will greatly miss.”

McCulloh has many defining qualities — one of which is as a connector. He has been connecting people since he was a kid. He loves figuring out what makes them tick and how he can help them advance personally or professionally. McCulloh is able to inspire action and motivate people to work together to achieve great things.

Another notable attribute of McCulloh’s has been his involvement in the community. McCulloh worked to get to know the organization’s within the areas he has lived and worked, taking time to give back to them. He was president or chairman on many boards, served on dozens of committees and councils and has been active in United Way for nearly 40 years. Most recently, McCulloh was board president of Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS) and a member of the ChildServe board of trustees.

While his energy and knowledge will be missed, there is no question McCulloh has imprinted a piece of his character on many Weitz employees. It’s now their time to carry the many torches McCulloh lite as he enjoys the next phase of his life — spending more time with family, traveling and continuing to give back to the community during retirement.

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