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Local non-profits collaborate to connect public art and regional waterways

October 17, 2022

Bravo Greater Des Moines (Bravo) and Iowa Confluence Water Trails (ICON) are jointly investing $500,000 in a two-year grant program to provide matching funds for public art projects along central Iowa waterways. The Bravo/ICON Public Art Grant seeks to generate more artistic and cultural expression along ICON water trails, access points, creeks and rivers which will generate more every day, everywhere art experiences and advance regional cultural priorities.

According to ICON Water Trails Director Maggie McClelland, the funds are another way regional communities can enhance the experience of enjoying the outdoors along central Iowa waterways. “ICON is thrilled to be partnering with Bravo to offer this unique opportunity to merge public art and outdoor recreation. Through this grant, we’ll be able to enhance the quality of life for Central Iowans by strengthening and diversifying how they engage with our waterways,” said McClelland.

“Arts and culture are connected to every regional priority,” said Bravo Executive Director Sally Dix. “This program will provide essential funding to explore intersections between public art and recreation, water quality and environmental appreciation. By amplifying the impact of these projects, the region and its residents win.”

Any municipalities in current 28E agreements with both Bravo and ICON are eligible to apply for up to 50% of the cost of proposed projects which may include but are not limited to sculptures, murals, integrated architectural or landscape architectural work, community art and digital new media with a useful life of at least three years. Funds can be applied to concept development, creation and/or installation of works of public art. Applications open for the first year beginning March 6, 2023 and more information about the program will be available at www.BravoGreaterDesMoines.com

For more information, contact Bravo at grants@bravogreaterdesmoines.org or 515.243.0388.

About ICON Water Trails

Iowa Confluence Water Trails — ICON, for short — will connect 80+ improvements across 150 miles of rivers and creeks in Central Iowa. Initiated by the Central Iowa Water Trails Consortium, including Capital Crossroads, Catch Des Moines, the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Des Moines Area MPO, Greater Des Moines Partnership and the Great Outdoors Foundation, ICON represents a new commitment to water safety and conservation as well as a concerted effort to drive economic development, visitor attraction and workforce retention. Learn more at ICONwatertrails.com. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Bravo Greater Des Moines

Bravo Greater Des Moines leverages community resources contributed by seventeen local government partners to maximize impact of arts, culture and heritage to advance regional priorities. Bravo invests strategically in arts, culture and heritage organizations and projects that contribute to and enhance the quality of life in Greater Des Moines for residents and visitors.