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Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute Recognizes 2018 Community Leadership Program Graduates

May 16, 2018

May 16, 2018 – (Des Moines, Iowa) — The Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute announces the graduation of 50 leaders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors who participated in the Leadership Institute’s Community Leadership Program. The nine-month course raises awareness of the needs and challenges that affect the region and builds leadership skills to help participants become better community stewards. Class members put their leadership training into practice through class projects, which helped five local non-profit partners and resulted in more than 4,205 volunteer hours.

The following individuals successfully completed the Community Leadership Program (class list also available here):

  • Dave Adams
  • Megan Bannister
  • Collin Barnes
  • Brady Barthole
  • Josh Braby
  • Dwana Bradley
  • Heather Brady
  • Billi Brahn
  • Tim Bratvold
  • Breann Bye
  • Jen Carruthers
  • Ana Coppola
  • Angie Currie
  • Shannon Draayer
  • Rick Eftink
  • Scott Gillespie
  • Kale Halder
  • Maggie Hanson
  • Rajee Harris
  • Cheryl Heid
  • Matt Hillis
  • Carla Huebner
  • Bo James
  • Debbie Korver
  • Kayla Kovarna
  • Erin Lain
  • Joe Lee
  • Frank Lee III
  • Jill Lippincott
  • Mark Liston
  • Anupam Mittra
  • Jim Nelson
  • Jill Niswander
  • Kyle Oppenhuizen
  • Jaclyn Overton
  • Lynh Patterson
  • Michelle Raymer
  • Nina Richtman
  • Brett Roberts
  • Adam Schwab
  • Manish Shah
  • Evan Shaw
  • Matthew Steen
  • Katie Stevenson
  • Amy Strutt
  • Conner Wasson
  • Carrie Woerdeman
  • AJ Wolfe
  • Jaclyn Wulfekuhle
  • Courtney Yuskis

Members of the Community Leadership Program Class of 2018 will be recognized for their accomplishments at the Leadership Institute Honors luncheon, presented by Davis Brown Law Firm, on Friday, May 18, from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Des Moines Marriott – Downtown. Registrations for the Honors luncheon are being accepted at gdmli.com.

About the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute

The Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute develops, connects, inspires, and challenges community champions through life-changing leadership experiences. Since 1982, more than 2,000 leaders have graduated from the Leadership Institute’s programs. Learn about the Leadership Institute by visiting gdmli.com.