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First National Bank Launches FNB U, an Innovative Online Financial Education Program

October 2, 2019

First National Bank is pleased to announce the launch of FNB U, an online, personalized financial education initiative through our partnership with the nation’s leading financial education technology innovator, EVERFI, Inc. FNB U is available as a complimentary resource to help users build financial health and confidence for themselves and their families.

Bank President, Scott T. Bauer, commented: “We are pleased to provide this education platform to our customers and the community to encourage financial literacy and education. Developing a sound foundation of personal finance skills is critical and supports our goal to give everyone the tools to insure their future financial success.” Bauer continued, “We recognize our customers have busy, on-the-go lives, so the innovative mobile design gives users the flexibility to access the tools anywhere.”

This program offers a robust library of learning topics around important personal financial education concepts, including: budgeting, investing, home ownership, retirement planning and more. Each topic is 3-6 minutes in length and is designed to empower learners to apply what they have learned to their personal financial goals. The mobile design is available on all internet-enabled devices so that learners can access it anytime, anywhere.

“For more than 10 years EVERFI has built financial wellness solutions for leading financial institutions that understand the benefits of empowering people to make good financial decisions,” said EVERFI Co-Founder and President of Financial Education, Ray Martinez. “This program empowers financial institutions by allowing them to provide a truly holistic financial wellness approach that is personalized and engaging.”

Giving back to the community is a core value at First National Bank. FNB U gives learners access to important financial information for free.  First National Bank is proud to give people the opportunity to grow, empower and financially strengthen themselves and the community.

To learn more about the program, visit https://www.fnb247.com/education-center/

About First National Bank

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