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DSM Airport Completes Two Major Construction Projects Valued at $16 Million

August 22, 2019

Des Moines, Iowa (August 16, 2019): Four years ago, the Des Moines International Airport began two major construction projects within months of each other; today both projects celebrated completion.

The FedEx facility is the first public-private partnership connected to the new terminal project. The planning for this project started in 2015 with the purpose of opening land on the south side of the terminal to relocate Signature Flight Support and Des Moines Flying Service to where FedEx currently sits, clearing the way for a new terminal north of the existing site.


“This project is part of our vision to build a new terminal,” said Kerty Levy, Des Moines Airport Authority Board Chair. “A vision that will support our local economy and enable us to grow cargo operations and air service to continue connecting Iowans to anywhere.” The total South Cargo Apron project cost $9.16 million including roadways, new pavement, as well as the $6.7 million FedEx building.

“This grand facility is over 33,000 square feet, which is larger than the previous building,” said Kevin Foley, Des Moines Airport Authority Executive Director. “It allows for additional product and containers to be sorted more efficiently to aid FedEx in growing their business here in Des Moines.”

Following the ribbon cutting, Rob Toncar, FedEx Director of Operations, gave a tour of the new facility. He shared FedEx’s gratitude of the Airport, the efficiency of the entire construction project, and for the opportunity to partner and grow operations locally.

While the ribbon cutting celebration was taking place, the airport operations team was running final checks with the construction and engineering team to reopen runway 13/31. The runway was reconstructed in three phases costing $45.7 million with the first phase starting four years ago. The last phase began in April 2019 which concluded today with the reopening of the Airport’s primary runway. Phase three of the runway project cost $6.8 million which most of was covered by an AIP grant awarded from the FAA in the amount of $5.9 million.


  • Photos of the FedEx ribbon cutting
  • Photo of the some of the key players of Runway 13/31 reconstruction

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