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Dr. Megan Ries Graduates from Emerging Leaders Class of 2016

June 9, 2016

The Iowa Chiropractic Society (ICS) and the Iowa Chiropractic Education and Research Foundation (ICERF) hosted the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program June 3–5 in Ankeny, IA. ICS members were selected from a pool of applicants to take part in this year’s conference. Emerging Leaders program graduates demonstrate effective leadership qualities for the purpose of improving overall health through chiropractic.

The Emerging Leaders program is an educational curriculum designed to develop leaders for the chiropractic profession and their communities. Graduates obtain through the program: leadership skills, develop strengths needed for successful leadership within their community on behalf of the profession, develop goals for their practice and professional success, and become a leader and relied upon to be an effective advocate for chiropractic in Iowa.

Dr. Megan Ries was chosen to participate. She practices at Keystone Chiropractic, which recently opened in West Des Moines in May. Dr. Ries focuses on a unique area of chiropractic called NeuroStructural Correction.  In contrast to conventional chiropractors whose goal is to provide temporary relief of pain; Dr. Ries’ goal is to restore the underlying framework of the body back to the stability of what all healthcare professionals agree is normal. In addition, Dr. Megan Ries also has post-graduate training in working with pregnant moms and children.

Molly Lopez, CAE — Executive Director, Iowa Chiropractic Society | director@iowadcs.org or (515) 334-1043
Megan Ries, DC — Owner, Keystone Chiropractic | drmegan@keystonechirodsm.com or (515) 428-1545

About The Iowa Chiropractic Society

Founded in 1964, The Iowa Chiropractic Society is the only professional membership organization serving doctors of chiropractic in Iowa. iowadcs.org.

About The Iowa Chiropractic Education and Research Foundation

Established in 1998, the Iowa Chiropractic Education and Research Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organization committed to improving the overall health of Iowans by supporting the chiropractic profession and its efforts to advance health-related research and information along with providing support to chiropractic students.