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Development is Happening Now, in the City of Altoona

August 8, 2016

 As of July 31, the City of Altoona has issued a total of 139 building permits. This represents over $53 million in permit valuation and over 400,000 square-feet of new or improved space. By comparison, on July 31, 2015 the City had issued permits for $23 million and 194,000 square-feet, showing an increase of 124% in valuation and 105% in square-feet of space.

In July alone, nearly $31 million in construction permits were issued for 305,289 square feet. This includes permits for:

  • LightEdge Solutions, Inc., a cloud service provider, colocation and consulting company that will more than double the size of its operation in Altoona over the next year.
  • Ironwood Apartments, a luxury living apartment complex that will eventually have a total eight multi-unit buildings. Currently, four have been completed and two are under construction.
  • Facebook has been issued a permit for footings and foundation for an addition to their third data center in Altoona.

“The development we’ve seen this year, both on the residential and commercial side, shows that Altoona has a lot to offer both businesses and families,” said Jeff Mark, City Administrator. “Right now, we have 900 acres of development-ready land, progressive infrastructure, and a prime location in a growing region. We’re Iowa’s rising star.”

For more information, including available properties, visit www.altoonanow.org.

About AltoonaNow

AltoonaNow is the economic development initiative of the City of Altoona, an invaluable resource for businesses looking to relocate or expand in Altoona, Iowa. AltoonaNow is an invitation to join a movement, a banner for what is happening now, highlighting the City of Altoona’s distinct business advantages including access to transportation, a diverse and growing workforce, and an extraordinary quality of life.