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Des Moines International Airport Releases September Passenger Statistics, Surpasses Projected Passenger Growth for 2018

October 11, 2018

Des Moines, Iowa (October 11, 2018) — The Des Moines Airport Authority has released its September passenger traffic statistics, which show an increase of 6.4 percent in 2018 passenger growth to-date, surpassing initial projections of 3.0 percent year over year.

“The Des Moines economy – and that of Iowa as a whole – is booming, which has caused a ripple effect in the number of passengers we’ve seen coming through DSM over the past year,” said Kevin Foley, executive director, Des Moines Airport Authority. “The current statistics show our passenger growth is nearly six years ahead of initial projections, leading to an increased need for a new airport facility to accommodate this continued growth.”

To learn more about the Des Moines Airport Authority’s proposed improvements to the existing airport facilities to accommodate continued growth, see the New Terminal Documentation on the DSM website. Most recently, the Des Moines International Airport broke ground on a new shipping facility for long-time tenant FedEx Corporation. The facility will remain as additional construction and improvements are made to the existing airport terminal.

About the Des Moines Airport Authority

The Des Moines Airport Authority is an independent entity that oversees the operations and maintenance of the Des Moines International Airport. The Airport Authority works to improve the quality of air service and make air travel to and from Des Moines more convenient and pleasurable. For more information, visit www.dsmairport.com and follow @dsmairport on Twitter and DSM International Airport on Facebook.