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City of Indianola Awarded Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan

October 13, 2020

Indianola, Iowa – The American Planning Association-Iowa Chapter has announced that the City of Indianola was awarded the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan. The award announcement may be viewed here.

A comprehensive master plan is one of the most important documents for a community as it spells out policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing. The City Council adopted Elevate Indianola, the community’s comprehensive master plan, earlier this year in May following an extensive 21-month review and update process.

A key goal for the City Council as part of this update was public engagement. This goal was accomplished with over 1,600 responses (~10%) to a community survey and outstanding attendance at open houses that helped generate over 53,000 data points used to craft this important document. A project management team made up of community stakeholders and partners, as well as the community’s Planning and Zoning Commission were instrumental in the process and conducted several public meetings prior to making a final recommendation to the City Council.

Elevate Indianola, which may be accessed on the City’s website here, contains over 160 recommendations to be followed in order to translate the community’s vision into a reality.

Work has already begun on implementing identified recommendations as the City is now conducting a thorough review of various codes to ensure alignment with the plan.

Receiving the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan is a remarkable example of a community effort. Congratulations to the Indianola community, the City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, project management team, and City Staff!

About the City of Indianola

The mission of the City of Indianola is to provide its citizens with quality and ample services at a fair and affordable price. We strive to improve the livability in our community through personal dedication, integrity, accountability, innovation and sensitivity to the needs of our citizens whom we serve. Livability will be improved through the provision of first-rate public safety and public utilities, education and leisure programs and administrative services. Our goal is to make each and every citizen proud to be a part of the City of Indianola and to have those who visit, want to be part of it.