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Bravo Greater Des Moines Presents 2015 Encore Award to Des Moines Metro Opera

February 7, 2015

The Des Moines Metro Opera received the 2015 Encore Award at the 10th Annual Bravo Awards Gala — Tensational! — held on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The Des Moines Metro Opera enjoyed one of its most successful years in 2014. Five new operas were performed including lectures, events and educational programming statewide. World-class performances were attended by visitors from 34 states, two foreign countries and 64 Iowa counties. In partnership with Iowa Public Television, the Des Moines Metro Opera began statewide broadcasts of performances to have even greater impact. In total, more than 77,000 people were reached in 2014 by the Opera and plans are underway to have an even greater impact in 2015.

The Encore Award is presented to an organization that exemplifies Bravo’s values through its programming:

Collaborative — Throughout the region, across partner communities and with other cultural organizations.

Accountable — Acts with integrity and transparency and allocates resources responsibly. 

Regional — Impacts the region as a whole.

Opportunistic — Responds strategically as opportunities arise. 

Passionate — Passionate about the value of arts and culture in the community.  

The Des Moines Metro Opera was the clear choice for the 2015 Encore Award because of their national and international reputation as one of the best-in-class performing arts organization in the region. The Opera clearly exemplifies the core values sought for this award through its focus on collaborative partnerships to expand innovative programming to new audiences and the region as a whole. Further, the work of the Opera with students helps develop the next generation of arts enthusiasts and inspires future performing artists. In 2014, more than 26,000 students participated in their programming.

Bravo Greater Des Moines is proud to extend the honor of the 2015 Encore Award to the Des Moines Metro Opera. The award was presented by Encore Award Committee Chair Connie Wimer. The annual event celebrated the 10th anniversary of Bravo Greater Des Moines and highlights the contributions of the arts, culture and heritage organizations across Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Bravo Greater Des Moines

Bravo Greater Des Moines works to strengthen arts, culture and heritage organizations across central Iowa using an accountable, regional and collaborative model to provide funding and support. Using funds contributed by local government partners, Bravo invests in arts, culture and heritage organizations that contribute to and enhance the quality of life in Greater Des Moines for residents and visitors.