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Bravo Announces Award Grants

December 1, 2017

Bravo is excited to announce it has awarded more than $3.8 million to 89 Central Iowa arts, culture and heritage nonprofit organizations and programs through its Local Arts Program and Cultural Enrichment Grants.

As a regional partner, Bravo would be delighted if you could help us share this news as we congratulation the organizations who receive funding.

Attached is a media release with more information about the grant awards including a list of the organizations receiving awards through Bravo’s two grant programs: Cultural Enrichment Grant and Local Arts Program Grant.

Social media posts for Facebook and Twitter are live, so please feel free to like and share as you see fit. If you create your own social media messages, please include the hashtag #BravoGrants18 and tag @BravoGreaterDesMoines (Facebook) and @BravoGreaterDSM (Twitter).

About Bravo Greater Des Moines

Investing in the sustainability and growth of arts, culture and heritage nonprofit organizations in Central Iowa is at the heart of Bravo’s purpose. Through competitive grantmaking programs, and with contributions from 17 local government partners, Bravo provides support to a wide range of arts, culture and heritage organizations. These nonprofit cultural partners support a sector that is a key driver of economic activity and quality of life, making Central Iowa a premier place to live, work, play and visit.