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AE Dairy Serves Up Nostalgia to Celebrate 90th Anniversary

October 23, 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa (October 21, 2020) – For decades, AE Dairy has been making and delivering fresh dairy products, including milk, cottage cheese, chocolate milk and sour cream dips. To mark AE Dairy’s 90th anniversary, and just in time for football season, AE is serving up a little nostalgia by bringing back vintage carton designs for the much-loved AE French Onion and Party Dips.

“We know that consumers are looking to food as part of their entertainment, and they’re snacking more at home. We saw this as a way to add to the fun,” says Kim Peter, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “Longtime fans may remember these carton designs, which are sure to bring back enjoyable memories of the past and life’s simple pleasures. Ask anyone who has moved away from Iowa what they miss most, and AE French Onion or Party Dip is sure to be on the list.”

The vintage AE Party Dip design features vibrant orange and blue balloons for each letter in “P-A-R-T-Y” while the French Onion carton uses classic fonts and nostalgic colors like lilac, purple and teal green.

Vintage AE Packaging 2020

AE Dairy’s fan favorite dips return with vintage packaging this fall

“We start with the freshest cream: receiving fresh milk from Iowa family farms every day really makes all the difference in our products,” said John Just, Quality Assurance Director for AE Dairy.

AE Dip is made in small batches to craft its signature flavor. It takes nearly 18 hours to create the silky-smooth texture and just-right tanginess, which is loved by loyal fans and makes a perfect pairing with foods beyond the classic chip. Favorite ways to enjoy includes AE Party Dip with pizza or Doritos and burgers or scrambled eggs topped with AE French Onion Dip.

AE Dairy’s French Onion and Party Dips are the first in a series of AE Dairy products that will feature limited-time, vintage packaging designs this fall in celebration of AE Dairy’s 90th anniversary. AE products can be found at area grocers, and the vintage cartons will be available as supplies last through year-end.

For more information, visit aedairy.com.

About AE Dairy

AE Dairy, located in Des Moines is a third generation, family owned dairy. When it was founded by Iver Erickson in 1930, there were over 150 other dairies in the Des Moines, Iowa, area. With so many dairies providing the same products and service, Iver and his business partner, a Swedish friend named William Anderson, carved out a niche and focused on one goal: to make sure the AE brand stood for quality, dependability and friendliness. Today, the Ericksons and AE family of 350 employees continue to build on that strong foundation by focusing on product and service excellence. AE Dairy offers more than 200 fresh dairy products throughout most of Iowa, the Kansas City metro area and into the bordering states of IL, NE and SD. For more information, visit aedairy.com.