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TradeLabs: Where Trade Experts Teach Beginning Investors About Stock Trading

TradeLabs Startup Story

September 25, 2020


Where can beginning traders interested in learning about trading stocks, options, futures and crypto find guidance from experienced traders? TradeLabs taps into this interest and the growing number of new investors needing assistance by focusing on stock trading education and mentorship. Beginner traders can subscribe to an expert trader and follow advice through video livestreams, trade alerts and other educational content. 

The Start of TradeLabs

As TradeLabs owners Nick Eltjes and Noah Loffredo became interested in and began taking trading more seriously in college, they set up their own small-scale trading service that grew to nearly 100 people. Loffredo says they set up a group chat and shared which trades they were taking and why they were taking them with their peers. As it became clear that there were many looking for ways to handle automate this process, they shut down their own trading service and went to work creating a complete trading tool that could be utilized by those services of all sizes.

Developing the Product

Eltjes discusses the change in thinking that needed to happen in order for them to overcome development challenges, including understanding that what they wanted their service to do may not be what customers needed it to do. Once they changed their way of thinking, their product began to come together. Eltjes says entrepreneurs need to focus on solving customers’ direct issues even if that means pivoting. He explains that by continuing to fail and choosing to adapt your product, you’ll build one the strongest skillsets you can develop.

Interested in growing your trading service with beginner investors who want to learn how to work the stock market? Become a mentor and find out how to save time with the right support, too, with TradeLabs.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

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