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The Show Must Go On(line)

The Nadas Album Launch During COVID-19

April 16, 2020

The show must go on has never rang so true as it has the past month. As musicians, our livelihood has been built by entertaining large groups of people, something that has come to a grinding halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some would say music is needed now more than ever to help people get through these uncertain times.

Like many businesses, we have learned to pivot and adapt to the new normal by finding ways to harness technology to meet people where they are spending time.

Pivoting an Album Launch

The coronavirus disrupted our plans to physically embark on a national “Storytellers Tour” to launch our new duo album — The Nadas Duo Numero Uno. Mike Butterworth and I founded The Nadas 27 years ago with a couple of guitars during our time at Iowa State University. Over the years, our full band has produced 11 albums but Mike and I never recorded an album with just the two of us even though we’ve toured as a duo throughout the country.

We spent months writing and recording the new album, only to have its launch date fall during the coronavirus craze. But instead of delaying the launch, we moved the pre-release of the album up earlier because we felt it was important to continue sharing our music and provide support to the music ecosystem. The album launched in March with options to buy an instant digital download, CD or vinyl on our website. A national launch of the album is planned for May.

Listen to Biscuits and Gravy here.

A Virtual Tour

The “Storytellers Tour” went virtual, with each show happening as planned on the day it was planned. A portion of the ticket sales will go back to the venue in each city that was planning to host us so we can do our part to support the music venues that provide a stage for live music, the booking agents and the promoters. We invite you to join us for the show in your city, and consider joining us for more. We will be sharing stories from our years touring and making music, while also making each show unique to the “host” city so each show will be a different listening experience.

 Numero Uno Album  The Nadas Bus  Jason Walsmith of The Nadas


We haven’t forgotten about the rest of the band either. We are all checking in with each other regularly and keeping the band family together through calls, texts and Zoom gatherings. We have streamed one of those get togethers, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and live streams (Actually feel free to give the Facebook page a share and a follow so you don’t miss anything).

Daily #morningsong on Social Media

In addition, I was inspired by the extra time at home these last few weeks to do more. On one of the first days that our family began #stayinghome to thwart #COVID19, I woke up feeling inspired to record a song and share it on social media. I had a ukulele nearby and there were birds chirping so I went with “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. That post kind of took off, and some people commented and requested that I do another song the following morning — so I did. And then some people commented and requested that I do another song the following morning — so I did and well, now I’m doing one song every morning and it’s been great. I really appreciate everyone checking it out, liking and sharing these posts. It has been uplifting for me as well and I’ll continue posting a #morningsong until eventually I run out of songs — or the CDC says we can play together again. Follow my solo adventures here.

Tikly Waves Profits for Live Streaming Shows During COVID-19

Speaking of the CDC, another local business is doing its part to help with virtual events in this time of social distancing. Tikly is waving all profits for live streaming shows during this crisis for as long as the CDC is suggesting against public gatherings. I am grateful for that as well. It is a wonderful resource to those who make their living this way. Please help spread the word. Anyone using PayPal, Venmo, Eventbrite, etc. for their events should check out Tikly.

I am grateful that we have been able to find a way to maintain some income in this time of crisis in our country and thankful for all the support from everyone in our local #DSMUSA community and fans across the country that have supported our new album and virtual shows.

We’ll keep singing for our supper and provide an outlet of entertainment for those stuck at home. We sure hope that all of you are home safe and healthy.

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

Jason Walsmith

How many bands can say they've written, recorded and performed for 27 years? Played with The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi, and Huey Lewis. Been inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Written their hometown's theme song (twice). Whether crisscrossing the country in Meatloaf's old bus with Big Head Todd, or performing in a living room, railroad station, cruise ship, ski chalet, street corner, The Nadas have done it all. In their 27th year, The Nadas is back with their 12th studio album, "Duo Numero Uno." Co-Founder Jason Walsmith describes how they decided to go back to where it all started - two guys and two guitars.