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Takeaways From TAI's Pitch and Grow V

If you missed it, you really missed out. There were some great pitches at the Technology Association's Pitch and Grow V. Pitch and Grow is a great opportunity to try out your pitch in a supportive environment. The panel gives feedback on how you can improve your pitch and many connections are made.

Lesson Learned at Pitch & Grow V


Several of the presenters did not use their time well. The pitches were to be 10 minutes, but some were just warming up in the eighth minute. There is no substitute for practice. I don't just mean reading through your deck. I mean standing up, clearing your voice and giving the pitch out loud. Time yourself. This is the only way I know to really practice.


Understand who your audience is and tailor to them. If your audience is an investor, you need to focus on the things an investor would want to know about such as business model and financial forecast. If it is a customer presentation, stay with the product and the benefits they will derive.

No Deep Dive

Most entrepreneurs are in love with their product. And why not? It is the thing they have been building for a long time. That being said, stay away from the deep dive on the product. Even if you have an hour, stay at a higher level and let the customer ask questions. Interactive presentations are much more productive than the one way pitch.

Value Proposition for Customer

No matter if you are pitching to an investor, a partner or just another business person, focus on the value proposition for the customer. That is the root of success.

The pitches were great and the panels were extremely helpful. Congratulations to Locusic for winning the pitch-off. Make sure you are at the next Pitch and Grow.  

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