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Supporting Startups 1 Coffee at a Time

Kim Reynolds 1MC

March 12, 2018

There’s a notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and network over a million cups of coffee, so if you’re in Greater Des Moines (DSM) looking for the only place to be on Wednesday mornings, it’s 1 Million Cups Des Moines (1MC).

1MC is a nationwide movement for entrepreneurs. Think of it as the front porch; the weekly gateway into startup and innovation communities. 1MC is a national program designed to educate, engage and connect entrepreneurs. An upcoming event even has Gov. Kim Reynolds heading our way!

Entrepreneurs DSM USA

Entrepreneurs DSM USA conference

Since 2012, our caffeinated 1MC gatherings have connected and accelerated entrepreneurs from all around DSM, the Midwest and the world. Every week, 40 – 60 passionate people exchange stories, support and energy for building businesses and big ideas. 1MC is such a unique environment that surrounds you with people who are building companies they care about.

This creates an innovative energy that’s uniquely invigorating as we connect every week to accelerate others. Free coffee paired with an entrepreneur presenting their company and the community coming to life during the interactive Q&A is what makes 1MC so easy to like.

As an ecosystem, our give first mentality is what makes Iowa special and we’ve modeled the 1MC experience to reflect that each and every week. Over the years, 1 Million Cups Des Moines has united founders, mentors, investors, supporting organizations and statewide academic outlets that all believe in the power of entrepreneurs passionately building things that matter.

1MC Midwest

This innovative energy we enjoy in DSM is also being shared within 170+ other 1MC communities nationwide. As this movement grows throughout Iowa (@1MillionCupsDSM /@1MillionCupsICR / @1MillionCupCV) and throughout the country, the effort to connect an expanding network of 1MC communities spawned a new regional level of leadership.

Selected by the Kauffman Foundation, five regional representatives are now collaborating to strengthen existing chapters while supporting the continued growth of new 1MC chapters nationwide. I was chosen to lead @1MCMidwest, which is generating an exciting new level of regional connectivity between DSM and 50+ Midwest chapters throughout 12 different states!

Milestone event

As we continue building into such a fascinating time for 1MC, our team of organizers is excited to announce a milestone event for DSM!

Gov. Kim Reynolds will be joining us to share a conversation on the state of entrepreneurship in Iowa on March 14 and you’re invited to join us!Kim Reynolds DSM


We’re fortunate in DSM to not only have 1MC as a resource for entrepreneurs, but also the Greater Des Moines Partnership for making entrepreneurship such a unifying focus. It’s an impactful organization that tells our story of DSM so well. Whether it’s through their entrepreneur resources, the Global Insurance Accelerator, the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator or their support of 1MC, #DSMUSA is more than a hashtag.

Discover more about The Partnership’s tools to help Greater Des Moines (DSM) entrepreneurs and startups develop and grow their ventures on The Partnership’s Startups & Entrepreneurs page.