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Stay Motivated!

Young Professionals Connection Motivation

When it comes to motivating yourself, you need to start with really looking at yourself. Look at your life. What are the things you always wanted to do? What are the thing you always said you would do but for whatever reason you’ve never gotten around to doing?

7 Ways to Motivate

Clean Up Your Clutter 

This is normally the hardest part, so it is easy to stop here before even getting started. What are the things you could do should do but haven’t done? Make a list of the things you always wanted to do in your life so you can actually look at them on a piece of paper. A lot of time we say we want to do things but they get put by the way side simply because we forget about them. Write it all down first.

Positive Attitude

As cliché as it is you are never going to motivate yourself if you are not positive. So understand what is going to put you in that right mood to make sure you are positive and ready to take on what you have put in front of you.

Start Small

Start will some simple daily tasks that you should always be doing but maybe you are not doing right now. Simple as cooking your own meals, doing laundry in a timely matter, going to work 20 minutes early every day. Set yourself up for success with the simple task. Then you can look at the big ones easier than you ever have.

Tell a Relative or Friend

Let someone close to you know that you are trying to motivate yourself and you are trying to change. By even telling someone what you are trying to do you will feel better about yourself. Not only that, but if they are a good relative or friend they will ask you about it to see if you are on track. Now you have someone checking in on your motivation status and can hold you accountable for the goals you have set.

Envision Your Outcome

What is going to happen if you motivate yourself to do this? Before you can try to change something you must be specific on how you see the new you. If you envision your outcome you can take the right steps to get there as quick as possible.

Reward Yourself

When you do something worth celebrating, celebrate it! Reward yourself for what good you have accomplished by motivating yourself. What will motivate you again? Getting a reward will always motivate you. I personally have trouble with this one because you can become almost “auto pilot” when your focused on something.  Take a step back when you accomplish something and reward yourself.

Always Remember Your “Why”

If you have ever heard Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker, one of his main points is asking yourself “what is your why?” Is it for yourself? Maybe for a loved one? To prove someone wrong?  Whatever your why is it needs to be strong.  If your why is not strong enough you will not get what you want done. But when your why is strong you can accomplish anything you want to. Every day when you are pursuing what you want, you must ask yourself what “what is my why”. The motivation will always keep you going.

Check out the Young Professionals Connection (YPC) calendar for events that will get you involved with other YP's and the Greater Des Moines (DSM) community!

**I also suggest watching, listening or reading motivational or inspirational material. That always help me get going especially when I am not feeling motivated. Explore what makes you tick and push youself to that next level.  

Young Professionals Connection (YPC)

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