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Small Business and Startup Stories - One World Supplies Brings PPE to DSM

One World Supplies

July 23, 2020


Sul Huq first moved to Greater Des Moines (DSM) to start a fitness app for medium-sized cities. His parents live in Ames, so he chose DSM to start in on his project. Over the years, he worked on a few startups that allowed him to learn to code and work closely with developers. Huq also still uses tools he learned about on those previous projects to help with marketing and sales. Now, Huq sources medical equipment like PPE from overseas to deliver to essential medical workers here in DSM through One World Supplies.

Supplies for Health Care Professionals

Huq describes feeling incredibly fulfilled when the first batch of products shipping into DSM arrived and how rewarding it is that One World Supplies is making a difference in the community. The company is currently expanding from hospitals to small clinics and often donates products to businesses as well. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Huq and the other owners of One World Supplies are looking at contracting annual commitments for many of their clients. While they are currently concentrating on a second wave of COVID-19-related products, they are also looking at possible future government contracts and hospital surgical products.


Huq’s mom owned a soup and sandwich shop in Springfield, Mo. He says that seeing her hustle in her business gave him insight into a different way of thinking and alternative way of success. From an early age, he also watched and spent time with a variety of people working to grow in entrepreneurship, making it seem like a viable way of life. His early introduction to what it takes to be an entrepreneur paved the way to where he is today.

Perspective on DSM

When traveling, Huq says he gets the question all the time asking why he lives in DSM. He says people here are truly “Iowa Nice.” He’s found many mentors through the DSM community as well that have helped accelerated his entrepreneurship. Without the help of a community, Huq says you can only get so far. You need to be able to lean on people to gain confidence and reduce stress. He says he’s met many people who he knows will be his friends for life, while also acknowledging the high talent level of those he’s met. 

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