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Selling in a Down Market

November 27, 2009

Recently, Jim Lobaito, founder of Performance Group and host of BizTalk Radio Show, presented at our monthly networking meeting. The topic he covered was selling in bad times.

Two Key Points When Selling in Bad Times

  • In a recession the market changes every 90 days. You need to retool your selling message every 90 days. One year ago the world was in economic shock with predictions of collapse of the entire banking system. Today we hear many of those same banks are going to pay back their loans and are becoming profitable again. Think of all that has changed in the last 12 months. Your selling message to your clients’ needs to continue to change as times change, especially now as things are starting to turn positive again.
  • Most industries will be fundamentally changed by this recession. You will need to shift to stay ahead. What worked pre-recession will very likely not work going forward. Make sure you stay informed on how your customers are changing and make sure your message fits.

It was a great presentation and I highly recommend you check out more of Lobaito through his podcasts.