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Protests, PPP + Returning to Work: What Employers Need to Know

Employer Resources 2020

June 16, 2020

Davis Brown Law Firm attorneys in Greater Des Moines (DSM) offer insight into employment law as it relates to diversity and inclusion, as well as returning to work. The law firm also covers PPP loans, including the PPP Flexibility Act passed by President Trump earlier this month.

Employment Law Reminders Amid Protests

Protests against racism and inequality are happening on a daily and nightly basis in hundreds of cities around the world. Some employers may want to impose rules about their employees’ participation in the protests in person or via social media activity, but there can be issues when personal and professional conduct intersect.

Growing Fears May Equal Growing Efforts to Unionize | 5/28/20

Can I Tell My Employee to Please Shut Up? | 1/27/20

Yo Momma Smack Down - Where Are We on that Whole Civility Thing? | 10/18/19

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: The NLRB and Employee Manuals | 4/3/15

Protest Guidance for Non-Citizens

Immigration attorney Daniela Erickson offers guidance for non-citizens engaged in protests, virtually and in-person right now.

Exercising Free Speech Through Social Media and Assembly While Also Protecting Your Immigration Plans | 6/5/20

PPP Loans and Forgiveness

The U.S. Senate passed and President Trump signed the PPP Flexibility Act (H.R. 7010) the first week of June.

Tax attorney Courtney Strutt Todd covered the changes and walked through the loan forgiveness application reviewing points of confusion in a webinar on June 4. Borrowers with questions about the forgiveness application should watch the webinar recording. Courtney and Nicole Krueger also wrote about the PPP Flexibility Act and what it means for borrowers who already received their funds and for those yet to apply or receive.

PPP Flexibility Act Extends Limits on Spending, Repaying, and Rehiring | 6/4/20

PPP Flexibility Act Questions and Answers | 6/10/20

Returning to Work — Volunteers and Paid Employees

Davis Brown Law Firm has fielded a number of questions, particularly from hospitals and other healthcare providers, about welcoming back volunteers when full-time staff are on furlough or have been laid off.

Health Law Quick Take: Volunteers and Paid Employees | 6/3/20

Davis Brown’s employment law team continues to advise numerous employers as they make plans to return to their worksites. If you would like assistance in guiding your discussions about new policies and procedures, please reach out. The Returning to Work Package is designed to help you mitigate risk with over 15 customizable forms as well as an included 30-minute consultation with an employment attorney. We continue to update the package with new information and new draft policies and forms as guidance changes.

Preview the Return to Work Package | Purchase the Return to Work Package

Other Coronavirus/COVID-19 Legal Resources

Davis Brown regularly updates the COVID-19 legal resources page providing interpretations of guidance from administrative bodies and new laws. If you have a question about how your business can adapt, please contact your legal counsel.

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

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