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Partnership Offers Political Process Opportunities

Political Opportunities in DSM USA

August 30, 2017

Engaging in the legislative process should be a crucial part of any organization’s mission to succeed. From a federal perspective, organizations need not think of this solely as an annual trip to Washington D.C. At the Greater Des Moines Partnership, the policy and government relations team offers many opportunities to get involved in the political process. 

Partnership 101 Trip

In August, The Partnership hosted its annual Partnership 101 trip for Congressional staff members. During the August recess, these policy staffers take the opportunity to come back to the district and learn about the important policy initiatives or issues impacting their member’s constituents. The Partnership is in a unique position as our boundaries touch all four Congressional districts in Iowa. This reality gives our Members and Investors a large platform to make a difference and impact policy.    

During this year’s trip to Greater Des Moines (DSM), Congressional policy analysts received important briefings from The Partnership’s leadership team relating to economic development, startup companies, talent development and education. Additionally, staff members toured important economic clusters centered around the recent development of data centers at both Facebook and Microsoft. Staffers were quick to point out the significant development that has been accelerated as a result of the investment in data centers. 

APEX Facility Tour

Congressional staff members also had the opportunity to tour the highly innovative APEX facility in Waukee. Showcasing educational innovation with a focus on public-private partnerships is important. These tours provided the policy analysts a good sense of the tremendous work being done in DSM. Highlighting these areas of success is mission critical as The Partnership continues to advocate for its 2017 Federal Policy Agenda. 

Members of The Partnership have every opportunity to engage during next year’s Partnership 101 Congressional visit. For more details, contact Joe Murphy and Andrea Woodard. Engaging in the process is an important aspect of any business success plan. The Partnership has the tools and expertise to assist our Members and Investors in this process to accomplish their goals. Working together, we can drive our region’s vision forward with one voice, one mission and as one region.

For more information, find out more about The Partnership’s local, state and federal initiatives.   

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy is the senior vice president of government relations and public policy at the Greater Des Moines Partnership. He has over a decade of government affairs, political advocacy and public relations experience in both the public and private sector. Joe earned his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Northern Iowa and his master's degree in public administration from Drake University.