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OneVoice DSM Podcast: New DMU Campus in West Des Moines

DMU Campus in DSM

October 11, 2021

The OneVoice DSM “Major Projects” podcast series highlights the major projects and initiatives happening in Greater Des Moines (DSM), as well as the key players and Partnership Investors making these projects happen. 

In the latest episode, Greater Des Moines Partnership Chief Operations Officer Tiffany Tauscheck and Dr. Angela Franklin, president, CEO and chief academic officer discussed the new 88-acre Des Moines University (DMU) campus coming to West Des Moines in 2023. This state-of-the-art University will advance DMU’s vision for the future. The campus will create a flexible environment for learning, focus on health, bring new collaboration opportunities to DMU students and respond to future health care industry needs and health sciences education. The current phase of the buildout includes a $250 million investment to create four buildings that will  serve 200 more students, with room to add more and grow in the future.

Watch the campus highlight video below:


The Campus of the Future

DMU is working with RDG Planning and Design on the new campus, which Dr. Franklin said will help DMU plan for the future of health sciences education. She said the goal is to create a comfortable work environment and a space that will evolve over time to align with the evolution of learning methods and technologies. 

Four buildings will be completed during the first phase of the campus project. These buildings include:

·       Edge of Advancement Building: The largest building on campus will include administrative and faculty offices, dining services, technology support and classrooms, known as learning studios.

·       Innovation Building: This building is where food service, student collaborative space, labs, research and simulation spaces are located.

·       Health & Well-Being Building: This building will house health and fitness spaces and equipment to promote wellness, and will offer individual and group exercise classes

·       Campus Support Building: This building will house the facilities management services and includes a large parking ramp.

Health Care in DSM

The new DMU campus will help with student recruitment due to its progressive and innovative nature. Staying current on teaching methods is of the upmost importance. The innovative design will help students transition from previous auditorium-style learning and learn together in small groups and collaborate in new ways.  Employees also need to be able to engage with colleagues differently and facilitate research and explore new opportunities together. The simulation floor will create what’s state-of-the-art now, and will allow for growth as health sciences education evolves, including through telehealth and virtual meeting opportunities.

Also discussed during the podcast were the following topics: private-public partnerships helping to fund this project, the DMU Clinic Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Center within the MidAmerican Energy Company RecPlex and next steps for the new DMU campus.

Read more about the new DMU campus here or listen to the entire podcast above to learn more.

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