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OneVoice DSM Podcast: MidAmerican Energy Company RecPlex

RecPlex in DSM

October 14, 2021

The OneVoice DSM “Major Projects” podcast series highlights the major projects and initiatives happening in Greater Des Moines (DSM), as well as the key players and Partnership Investors making these projects happen. 

In the latest episode, Greater Des Moines Partnership Chief Operations Officer Tiffany Tauscheck and Shayne Ratcliff, general manager of the MidAmerican Energy Company RecPlex discussed how the RecPlex, located in West Des Moines, addresses the region’s demands for a year-round sports facility that provides access and opportunity for youth sport programs. The RecPlex has been made possible through a unique partnership with the City of West Des Moines and local private sector businesses, creating a destination composed of 66 acres of land that includes three outdoor, synthetic-turf fields in addition to 300,000 square feet of indoor space. The indoor space features:

·      2 full-size ice arenas

·      3 hardwood basketball courts

·      4 multi-purpose basketball courts

·      3 pickleball courts

·      4 batting cages

·      Esports Center

·      7,000 square feet of meeting room and conference space

·      2,400 square-foot adaptive sports recreation area

·      5,000 square-foot physical therapy center


The Idea for the RecPlex

Ratcliff said that seeing ice facilities around the highlighted the need for such a facility for youth sports in DSM. Ice arenas have high costs, so a proposal was made to add turf onto the facility, as well as courts, outdoor fields and meeting space. By growing the space into a multi-use facility and creating a private and public funding opportunity, the idea for the RecPlex became a reality that Ratcliff said will reach a wider demographic and generate additional revenue for the facility.

Progress at the RecPlex

Ratcliff said the facility is closing in on opening all of its spaces and becoming fully functional. The outdoor fields opened in March, and both ice rinks have been open since early August. Several meeting spaces have also opened, along with the Esports Center. Yet to open are the indoor field house, which is expected to open in October, as well as the indoor courts, which are set to open by mid-November. 

Benefits of the RecPlex to the Region

As a facility for youth sports, Ratcliff said the tournament impact is what will benefit the region as time goes on. In this first year, there are already 40 tournaments booked at the facility. The amount of people those tournaments will bring to DSM to eat at local restaurants and stay in hotels will have a huge impact. West Des Moines will also benefit from the community programming that can now be done at the RecPlex. With 7,000 square feet of space that can be utilized for classes and programs for the community, graduations, concerts and more, the RecPlex has something for everyone. Ratcliff said that what started as a vision for youth sports in the region has evolved into much more.

Tauscheck and Ratcliff also discussed how the facility will attract and retain talent for the area and the RecPlex relationship with Can Play during the podcast.

Read more about the MidAmerican Rec Plex here. Or, listen to the entire podcast to learn more.

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