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Nurturing Talent Through NCMIC’s Rotational Employment Program

Rational Employment Program

October 12, 2022

At NCMIC, we strive to attract and retain top talent and create a diverse and inclusive workforce. Achieving this goal requires us to be creative and intentional in developing new strategies. It’s why we created the Rotational Employment Program, a kind of “learn by doing” track designed for individuals who are eager to learn more about the insurance and financial services industry.

About the Rotational Employment Program

Here’s how it works: NCMIC employs full-time associates on an 18-month basis. Each associate spends six months working in a different department in the company, for a total of three rotations. These employees work on a specific project during their rotation within a department, in addition to day-to-day tasks as they arise. These tasks allow an associate with limited knowledge and expertise to be trained and work on skills relatively quickly. When the project or task allows, the participant would start and complete it within their rotation. For example, a participant could have a rotation in the human resources office to assist with recruiting, while also getting exposure to HR-related communications and payroll.

Managers of the rotational associates provide ongoing coaching and feedback, as they would to any other employee and at the end of their last rotation, associates are offered a permanent full-time position at NCMIC, based on business need and the associate’s interest.

The goal of the program is to provide diverse candidates with cross-functional learning opportunities that offer a broad set of experiences and ignite their interest in continuing their career at NCMIC. While they’re here, associates are treated just like every other employee and enjoy the perks and benefits of working at NCMIC.

Program Participants

There are currently three associates going through the program: Lorenzo Gordon, Madeline Edmonds and Kristinia Tornes. All three say they had limited knowledge of the malpractice insurance business but that their time at NCMIC has offered them a quick education.

“So far, this program has taught me a lot about the insurance part of our company and what that all entails,” said Gordon. “I’ve met a lot of people who are incredibly educated in this business and are always willing to help and share their knowledge with me.”

The program gives opportunity to those who might not have the skillsets or the opportunity or experience that allows them to start their career. At NCMIC, they get exposure to different people and departments like insurance, finance, marketing or support, allowing them to grow with us versus them coming in already grown. Ultimately, we get to introduce these individuals to our culture and our company, which we’re extremely proud of already, and then align their skillsets with a job that would then hopefully help them well into the future.

Edmonds agrees. She says NCMIC’s Rotational Employment Program is leading her down a long-term career path.

“I was fresh out of college with a computer science degree, looking for work experience but not truly sure what I wanted to do,” said Edmonds. “I applied to the Rotational Employment Program, and it seemed after the first few interviews, that they would tailor the program around my interests and education. The skills I had were acknowledged and I was more than happy to accept the position after hearing I would primarily work in the IT department. Moving forward, I hope to grow more in the company while also branching out my talents and skills more in my work experience.”

Tornes said the few months she’s been at NCMIC have been life changing. She loves the company culture and agrees with Edmonds that there’s definitely long-term potential here.

“I’ve only been here for two months but I feel like this program would essentially lead me to my permanent home,” she said. “I have an accounting degree and I always thought I would be working for an accounting firm. The great thing about NCMIC is the opportunity to get to work in different areas of the company from risk operations, marking, accounting etc. and think that is why the rotational program is a great opportunity — because you get a feel for the entire company.”

Applications open again in early 2024 for the NCMIC Rotational Employment Program. In the meantime, those interested in learning more can visit the NCMIC careers page for information.

NCMIC was formed in 1946 by a group of Doctor of Chiropractic with the express purpose of offering malpractice insurance to DCs when no one else would. Delivering on its promise, “We Take Care of Our Own,®” NCMIC has grown to become the largest provider of chiropractic malpractice insurance in the nation and has expanded its offerings to include business and personal insurance, equipment loans, credit card processing, business credit cards, and premium financing. With more than 75 years of experience and an “A” (Excellent) rating from industry analyst A.M. Best, NCMIC is a company that DCs can rely on today and in the years to come. For more information, please visit ncmic.com.

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Sheena Mahan

Sheena Mahan is the Vice President of Human Resources at NCMIC.