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Nonprofits Raise Money by Promoting Community Immunity

Nonprofits and Vaccinations

July 27, 2021

Farmers’ markets, I-Cubs games and family get-togethers. To a large degree, we have enjoyed a return to life as normal. However, we still face a hidden and enormous challenge in front of us. And, as is so often the case, we are turning to our partners in the nonprofit sector for help!

As you are aware, COVID-19 cases are once again increasing throughout the country and right here in Polk County. This new and rapidly evolving strain of COVID-19, known as the Delta variant, poses a very real threat of erasing so much of the progress we have made. There is only one way to prevent that from happening. We must reach community immunity. As defined by the Centers for Disease Control, that requires 70% of our population to be fully vaccinated. Currently, Polk County is in a far better position than most other counties in Iowa. However, at a 64% vaccination rate, we still have work to do in order to reach that threshold.

Community Incentive Programs

For this reason, the Polk County Board of Supervisors have implemented a number of incentive programs to help get us to community immunity before students return to the classroom this fall. One of those incentive programs engages our nonprofit community. There are two reasons for this. First, our nonprofit agencies have proven time and again that they have the drive and motivation to make positive change in our community. Second, it gives our nonprofits the opportunity to raise funds for their cause simply by encouraging their members or member contacts to get vaccinated.

Here is how this incentive program works for your nonprofit organization. Simply register your organization with Polk County at ImmunizePolk.org. If a member of your nonprofit or a contact, friend or family member receives the vaccine at the Polk County Health Department and mentions they are supporting your registered organization, Polk County will donate $50 to your nonprofit organization. If your nonprofit encourages 20 people to get the vaccine on your behalf between now and Friday, September 3, you will receive a donation of $1,000. The more you encourage others to get vaccinated, the larger the donation becomes!

While this incentive program is only available to nonprofits based in Polk County, those who receive the vaccine on your organization’s behalf at the Polk County Health Department can live in any city or county.

We have found that the most effective tool to get shots in arms is by far to have a trusted contact recommend the vaccine. Nonprofit organizations have the contacts and the trust to help us make an impact to keep our community healthy. So, raise some funds for your organization and at the same time help us reach that goal of community immunity!

Count on the Greater Des Moines Partnership for economic recovery information and business and industry recommendations as the region moves forward from the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about current impacts and future trends from the DSM Forward playbooks here.

Angela Connolly

Angela Connolly chair of the Polk County Supervisor, representing a portion of unincorporated Polk County, the northwestern area of the city of Des Moines and the suburb of West Des Moines. She is active on community boards and has been recognized for her contributions to the business community.