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Nationwide Takes The EDGE Pledge, Supports Student Development in DSM

Nation Wide DSM Impact

May 30, 2019

Progress. It’s one word that describes two things I love — being part of the Greater Des Moines (DSM) community and working at Nationwide. Progress never ends. And for both the place I live and the place I work, that word is about continuously looking ahead to make things better.  

The most recent way DSM is looking ahead is through an effort called Education Drives Our Greater Economy (EDGE). It’s a shared goal focused on solving the skills gap facing DSM employers and a commitment to improving the educational pipeline that’s crucial to achieving skilled workforce and talent. The way we’ll get that done is by ensuring 75% of DSM working-age adults have degrees, certificates and other credentials by 2025 aligning with workforce needs.  

The EDGE Pledge 

Nationwide values ongoing learning and development and is proud to have taken the EDGE Pledge. I am excited to share with you four ways Nationwide is investing in education and giving DSM an Edge.  

1. Strong Employee Support

We support our employees in pursuing a degree, taking an additional class or getting a new certification. Employees can take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program. We offer up to $5,250 for approved, business-related educational programs. Since 2016, 694 Des Moines associates have received $3.17 million in reimbursements. By supporting our associates in their education, we hope it helps them find passion and develop a skillset to succeed in their career.  

2. Engaging Mentor Relationships 

In 2008, Nationwide and Drake University started a partnership that pairs students with Nationwiders for a mentorship experience. Our goal is to introduce high-performing students to Nationwide, our culture and our goals, as well as give associates opportunities to grow their mentorship skills. To date, we’ve provided a mentor to 183 students and when surveyed at the end of the program, 83% of participants said they were “Very” or “Extremely” interested in pursuing a full-time Nationwide position. 

3. Excellent Leadership Opportunities 

In 2005, Nationwide started an Emerging Leaders Program that prepares associates for leadership opportunities throughout Nationwide and provides insight into career opportunities in other areas of the company. Of the 25 participants in 2018, 36% experienced a role change during the program: one was promoted to a leadership role and nine others were promoted into new roles.  

 4. Effective Internship Program 

 Nationwide has an internship program designed to help graduates and undergraduates develop a strong foundation for their careers. Over 12 weeks, interns take part in key business assignments, all while developing and enhancing their leadership competencies. Internships are offered in several business units, including: accounting, actuarial science, analytics, claims, customer service, corporate finance, financial services, IT, internal audit, operations, marketing, sales, tax, underwriting and the list goes on. Participants also get the chance to learn from and potentially join an experienced Nationwide team. 

Find out about Nationwide internships

Our current Vice President of Sales, Mike Moore, started with Allied (now Nationwide) in 1997 as an HR intern. It was in his business organization class at Simpson College that he came across the opportunity with Allied and got an internship.  

“The experience provided me with a great opportunity to better understand how what I was learning in the classroom translates in the real world,” Mike recalled. “The internship provided me with a great foundation of business culture, organizational structure and agility, and ultimately, whether this was a good fit for my skillsets and life goals. Most importantly, I was able to get my foot in the door, network and develop strong relationships within the organization and the community. It led to being offered a full-time role. All-in-all, it was the best opportunity and decision I’ve ever made.” 

Nationwide is proud to invest in progress for our associates and the DSM community. I’m proud to live in and work for a place that shows so much commitment to looking ahead and making things better.  

Learn more about Nationwide

Education Drives our Greater Economy (EDGE) is an initiative of Capital Crossroads: A Vision for Greater Des Moines (DSM) and the region focused on improving education attainment from early childhood learning through life-long learning. Under the leadership of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, EDGE aims to ensure that 75% of DSM working-age adults have postsecondary degrees, certificates or other credentials by 2025 that align with workforce needs.  

Sign up and take the EDGE Pledge today!  

Jeff Rommel

Jeff Rommel has been senior VP of nationwide property and casualty (P&C) staff sales since May 2016. He began his career with in 1985 with Allied Insurance (a Nationwide company). Jeff is a lifelong active member of his community and serves on many boards and committees.