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Minimizing Employee Turnover with Tero International’s Diagnostic Tool: Skills and Interest Chart

Minimizing Employee Turnover

October 24, 2022

Connectify HR is a Greater Des Moines (DSM)-based business with 225 employees. Focused on simplifying HR culture, compliance and cost control, Connectify HR works with businesses to help them grow and reach their goals. When it comes to developing our own team, creating career pathing and continuing to enhance engagement within the team, we utilized a resource to help with leadership training, Tero International’s diagnostic tool referred to as the Skills and Interest Chart.

The tool is a graph that an employee uses to plot their job functions according to how much skill and how much motivation or interest they have in the function. On one side of the graph is a skill and the other is interest. This helps both the employee and their leader to identify what interests they have, where skills may need to be developed or even where they have high skill but low interests and therefore need more support or encouragement while doing those functions. It also leads to discussions on training needs for certain functions, career pathing and development. Inherent within this is understanding where the leader can find growth opportunities that align with the interests of the employee and delegate/give more opportunities to that employee to enhance their development while tapping into their motivation and interests.

What We Did

Each leader met with each of their employees and asked them to take their job description along with any functions not clearly stated in the job description and plot them on the graph. We created the graph in Excel and a way for the employees to give each axis a number rating for the job function to be appropriately plotted. The process took about a week and when the employee was finished, each leader met with each employee and talked through their plotting and created action plans based on those learnings.


The outcome of this exercise was a much deeper understanding of how each employee viewed their job functions, enhanced growth opportunities aligned with the motivation and interest of the employees, career pathing, deeper engagement and a deeper connection between the employee and their leader.

The Skills and Interest Chart is one of the things that contributed to high engagement scores and low turnover on the team.

Learn about Connectify HR at connectifyhr.com. Find out more about Tero International at tero.com.

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Melissa Ness

Melissa Ness, Connectify HR Founder & CEO, is fueled by lifting others up to be the best version of themselves. Melissa’s passion is leadership, and she has led a wide variety of functions, geographic areas, and sizes of teams from 2 to 450 over her 25 years in business.