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Member Spotlight: Spring 2013

Young Professionals Connection Member Spotlight Molly H

Throughout the year Young Professionals Connection (YPC) looks to spotlight one of it's members, hopes of showing more members how to engage and learn more about our community. This month we feature Molly Hanson of Johnston, IA. A member for several years, she is working on an exciting project that might attract YPC's to get involved in our community's environment. Check it out below!

Name: Molly Hanson

Hometown: Johnston, Iowa

Current Location: Urbandale, Iowa

Employment: Naturalist for the Madison County Conservation Board


Q: How long have you been involved in the community?:

A: I got involved with YPC when I moved back to Greater Des Moines (DSM) after college and an internship (2010).  I didn't join right away but began getting involved and joined the following year. It was inevitable.  

Q: You are currently working on the Iowa Rivers Revival, what is that?

A: I am a board member for Iowa Rivers Revival.  Through my work for county conservation boards and Earth Science classes at UNI, I have developed a relationship with our Iowa rivers and the individuals who treasure them. Iowa is the most altered state in the country and much of that has had an impact on our local watersheds.  IRR is a voice for the rivers. Through legislation, outreach and events, our group works to uphold our mission and share our vision around the state. 


Q: How does this project impact Des Moines and the local environment?:

A: IRR has devoloped curriculum for a Master River Stewards Program focusing on riverine systems and skills, including paddling and navigating skills, knowledge to restore aquatic habitat and improve water quality, and understanding policies related to floodplains, river protection, and restoration. The Master River Steward program will build a network of river experts in various local partner agencies and non-profit organizations. Master River Stewards will help adult learners collaborate to protect and improve Iowa’s rivers, so that current and future generations can enjoy these resources.

Project sponsors:  REAP Conservation Education Program, IA DNR IOWATER Program and IA DNR River Programs.


Q: How can YP's get involved?:

A: Sign up! We are looking for individuals looking to participate in our 8 week program involving classroom time, time on the water, and planning and implementation of service project to help local watersheds. Please contact me if you are interested at molly.hanson4@gmail.com or (515) 371-6977.  The class starts mid-May and runs through June.


Q: How will the YP's involvement make an impact on the project?

A: Participants will be learning primarily - just how they can make an impact on our rivers.


Q: Anything else?

A: If you need some paddling in your life, check out our float schedule of events going on in Winterset this spring and summer through the Madison County Conservation Board.  Check out our website at madisoncountyparks.org

and download our Spring/Summer newsletter.  Happy paddling and happy trails.

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