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Maximizing the Learning Experience in the Era of COVID-19

Maximizing Learning

Dr. Yen Verhoeven, CEO and founder of QI Learning Research Group, hosted a recent webinar on “How Parents and Teachers Can Maximize the Learning Experience in a Pandemic.” The webinar focuses on the differences between face-to-face and virtual learning, as well as ways to connect with students remotely and how to find those important teachable moments.

Face-to-Face Versus Remote Learning

With distance learning, the loss of teacher and social presence can create disconnections within the learning environment. Knowing how to foster deep learning within the digital landscape is vital to a student’s success, and Verhoeven offers insight into how to do this well.

How to Nurture Deep Learning Remotely

Verhoeven says there are three things that should be focused on when considering remote learning, including:

  • Developing relationships
  • Engaging curiosity
  • Concentrating on process instead of content

By teaching students how to learn, the content will follow. Parents must learn how to communicate with teachers to create an easier learning environment for their student(s). Ask students the following: What do you want to do to learn more about this? Doing so will help them dive deeper into a variety of subjects. Also, parents should know that you don’t have to know everything about a subject to teach it. Ask open-ended questions and have your student answer them. Verhoeven says this is one of the most powerful ways to teach. When your student asks you a question, don’t answer right away. Give them some time to think about it. Ask where they might find that answer. Information is at their fingertips. It is to their benefit to teach students how to seek and find the information they need.

Another thing to remember is that emotional needs come first. Learning is emotional. If a student is stressed out about safety, food or shelter, learning will be difficult. Students need emotional needs met before they can be expected to thrive at an optimal rate.

21st Century Skills

Verhoeven goes on to outline how to get students to think critically and communicate what they are learning. Teachers must also concentrate on providing authentic experiences to grow curiosity and create a thriving educational environment.

Watch the entire webinar below:


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