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Making the World Safer with IntelliSee Technology

IntelliSee Startup

May 1, 2023


During the latest Small Business & Startup Stories DSM podcast, Scott Keplinger, CEO of IntelliSee, headquartered in Coralville and Des Moines, shares about his work creating software that provides surveillance safety for businesses with the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Diana Wright.

About IntelliSee

Anticipating threats to minimize catastrophic events is what IntelliSee does best, but the company also assists with detecting falls and spills, and it does so with no additional personnel, employee disruptions or expensive upgrades. Whether management wants to mitigate accidents, unauthorized vehicles, weapons or problematic situations, by utilizing surveillance footage, artificial intelligence (AI) identifies what a camera sees, detects risks and alerts clients through an integration with their organization’s existing security system as well as by sending emails and/or texts. What’s more, IntelliSee AI is always evolving, utilizing new images and information to become smarter as it’s used by more people. Using the latest computer vision technology, in partnership with Roboflow, a growing startup with Des Moines roots, IntelliSee is able to provide an added layer of security to existing systems.

Entrepreneurship in Iowa

Born and raised in Iowa, Keplinger and his wife moved back once they started their family, and he especially appreciates the accelerator environment within the state. His entrepreneurial journey has led him to learn how to do two things well: plan and adapt. Communication skills are also an important component of starting a business, and Keplinger urges new entrepreneurs to know how to describe your product well and keep in mind that no one is the smartest person in the room. Seek out people who will tell you if you have a bad idea. He also shared the importance of local businesses working together to become early adopters, which would help startup owners and entrepreneurs here be even more successful.

Recently, IntelliSee was awarded $500,000 in financing as part of Iowa’s Innovation Fund through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA). Keplinger, who is also a partner of Asymmetria Group, says IntelliSee’s mission motivates everyone on staff, from the top down. Success is preventing an active shooter situation. It’s solving a need in society to make different locations safer, from schools to grocery stores to hospitals and more. Interested in exploring how IntelliSee works? Request a demo or contact IntelliSee to learn more. Check out IntelliSee on LinkedIn as well to see the latest news and updates.

Listen to the entire podcast above.

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