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Live Music Continues Through COVID-19 with Local Music Monday

Live Music Monday

May 7, 2020

At Wells Fargo Arena, our passion is live music. In light of recent events, the lights in the arena may have dimmed and the crowds have dispersed, but our dedication to spreading the love for music is stronger than ever!

Local Music Monday

In April, Wells Fargo Arena launched Local Music Monday, an initiative to spread a #VirtualStageDSM on social media. Every Monday, Wells Fargo Arena posts a graphic listing all virtual performances that will be held that week, tagging the musicians and encouraging everyone to give them a virtual tip on Venmo or PayPal. They also share performances that happened the week before, providing a one-stop shop for viewers to check out local live music streams.

In addition to promoting all local musicians’ virtual performances through social media and web, one local artist is featured to go live on the Wells Fargo Arena Facebook and Instagram pages each Monday at 7 p.m. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

Schedule of Events

  • Monday, May 11 — Lily DeTaeye
  • Monday, May 18 — MarKaus
  • Monday, June 1 — Dueling Fiddles

“Local Music Mondays has helped keep the spirit alive in all music enthusiasts in the surrounding area,” said Chris Connolly, general manager of the Iowa Events Center. “The platforms that we are utilizing are opening up opportunities for local musicians to be heard and for their music to be noticed by a new audience. We’re excited for a live performance in a packed arena, but in the meantime, we invite everyone to enjoy and support the artists in the local community with us.”

This opportunity allows for artists to get their music heard by a new audience and the opportunity to earn money for their virtual tip jar. Thus far, three local artists — Joshua Sinclair, Jason Walsmith of the Nadas and Nicholas Neibauer — have taken over Wells Fargo Arena’s accounts and the response has been very positive.

“During a time of chaos and uncertainty, it’s refreshing to see an organization like Wells Fargo Arena showing support for their local community and musicians,” local musician, Nicholas Neibauer said. “Local Music Monday is a great way for singer/songwriters to be heard on a different platform, but also for music loves to catch a glimpse of some new music in their area.”

Wells Fargo Arena is currently looking for more local musicians to be featured during Local Music Monday and to share their music using the hashtag #VirtualStageDSM. If there is a musician in your life that you feel should be featured, please have them fill out the form and make sure to visit our website to view all of the upcoming events that you can tune into.

Whether it be in a packed arena or from the comfort of our own home, music will continue to bring us together. Remember that in the hardest of times, a simple tune can turn your day into the best day of your life. Together we will get through this.

You can count on The Partnership to continue to share accurate and fact-based updates as well. See more on COVID-19 here.

Wells Fargo Arena

Wells Fargo Arena, which is owned by Polk County and professionally managed by Spectra, is a 17,000-seat arena that opened July 12, 2005 and hosts world-class entertainers. It's consistently ranked as a top 100 venue worldwide in terms of concert attendance.