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Life Club at Easterseals Iowa Fosters Independence and Inclusion

Life Club at Easterseals Iowa

January 4, 2024

In the heart of Greater Des Moines (DSM) and nestled within the welcoming community of Camp Sunnyside, Easterseals hosts a program called Life Club — a vibrant adult day program that is as unique as the individuals it serves. At Life Club, the focus is firmly on the person, valuing their strengths, fostering independence and creating an inclusive environment where friendships grow. Life Club is designed to empower adults who are living with a disability. It's not just a program; it's a community where participants embark on a journey of skill development, socialization and personal growth.

About Life Club at Easterseals

The Life Club experience is an embodiment of inclusivity and support. The program, offered on-site at Camp Sunnyside and another Adult Day Program CSI (Clients Socially Integrated) which takes place throughout DSM, provides comprehensive skill development. From honing socialization and communication abilities to developing problem-solving and creative thinking skills, Life Club and CSI are hubs of opportunity.

One of the distinguishing features of Life Club is its commitment to recognizing the unique interests and choices of each participant. These participants actively engage in selecting and leading activities that bring them joy and that they want to share with others. This not only fosters a sense of autonomy but also ensures that every member plays an active role in shaping their experience. The selection of activities available to Life Club participants is both exciting and diverse. From the refreshing waters of swimming in the indoor aquatic center to engaging in outdoor pursuits, crafting, singing and wellness activities, there's something for everyone. The inclusive nature of Life Club ensures that all camp activities are accessible, making it a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Tim Dymond

Client Tim Dymond has been involved with the Easterseals Adult Day programming for several years. Tim is known for his friendly nature and his willingness to always help out and participate in activities. Tim will always be the first to greet you with a huge smile and a “Good Morning!” He genuinely cares about people and wants to know how others are doing. Tim has a love for both our police and fire departments, and he absolutely loves learning about different kinds of trucks. One of Easterseals’ corporate partners, Housby, has even had Tim out to tour their facility and learn about their work and how they use different kinds of trucks. People at Housby say that they look forward to anytime Tim comes to visit because he brings such joy and curiosity with him. They know their day will be better when Tim is around! Tim and his family have shared that having services through Easterseals has made so many things possible for Tim and that they love how welcome and loved he is at Camp Sunnyside.

Life Club Activity

In conclusion, Life Club at Easterseals isn't just a program; it's a celebration of diversity, independence and the extraordinary capabilities of every individual. By embracing everyone's strengths, Life Club and CSI are setting a wonderful standard for adult day programs, proving that with support and inclusion, everyone can lead a life filled with purpose and joy. For those who wish to get involved and help support Easterseals in their mission to provide this exceptional service and many others, there is a collection of great resources on their website at easterseals.com/ia.

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Zachary Dewey

Zachary Dewey is a Fellow in the Greater Des Moines Partnership Fellowship Program. He is a Technology Associate at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield.