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Let's Make Greater Des Moines Even Greater in 2023

2023 Strategic Priorities

February 2, 2023

I am honored to serve as the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Board Chair in 2023. I commend Rowena Crosbie for the work she did as our Chair in 2022 to move us forward together. Thank you Ro!

As we prepare for 2023, we have the opportunity to capitalize on what makes our region great. When we talk about Greater Des Moines, the “Greater” implies a region that is larger than one community. I believe “Greater” also captures the idea that we work together as business, community and elected leaders, and as organizations of all sizes to ensure growth and innovation in our community. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have made our community “Greater” over many years, and this year I challenge you to determine how you can carry forward that legacy.

2023 Strategic Priorities

Our 2023 Strategic Priorities for The Partnership are as follows:

Develop and implement a regional site-readiness program.

Our economic development activity remains strong, and in 2023 The Partnership’s Economic Development team will work with regional partners to create site-readiness criteria, identify sites, populate a database and market the sites to prospects nationally and internationally. This will keep DSM as a destination for expansion and relocation projects in the future.

Execute bold, multifaceted national marketing and communications campaigns to increase the talent attraction and economic development pipelines in Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Over the last five years, The Partnership’s digital marketing campaign focused on talent development has led more than 350,000 people to come to The Partnership’s website to learn more about this region. In 2022, the team conducted research to learn how we can make this campaign even more effective in the future. The results of this research have led to a new campaign theme (as I have referenced above): “Do Something Greater.” We invite you to help us tell the region’s story to the nation and world.

Enhance the vibrancy of DSM and Downtown DSM through infrastructure and major placemaking projects, including the Des Moines International Airport project, Future 435 project, Iowa Confluence (ICON) Water Trails, Market District, and Pro Iowa Soccer Stadium & Global Plaza.

These projects all require collaboration regional collaboration across the public and private sectors. They all represent an investment by so many partners to make our region even stronger. We will continue to push forward on each of these projects in 2023. Of note, many of these projects will have a direct impact on Downtown DSM. A strong Downtown makes our entire region stronger, and vice versa. In 2022, we developed the Downtown DSM: Future Forward Vision Plan and Action Plan, which was adopted by the Des Moines City council in January as part of the City’s comprehensive plan. Implementation will begin in 2023 and we invite you to be involved.

Drive inclusive small business growth strategy.

Supporting small business success leads to a stronger regional economy, advances equity and cultivates opportunities for wealth creation. This year, we will focus on continuing to grow the Scale DSM Minority Business Accelerator sponsored by Wells Fargo and powered by Interise, and we will continue to grow the Downtown Farmers’ Market Incubator programs that launched in 2022.

Collaborate on Capital Crossroads 3.0 and integration of DSM 4 Equity goals.

The Capital Crossroads and Capital Crossroads 2.0 regional vision plans have celebrated hundreds of successes over the last decade-plus. Regional visioning has long been a pillar of what makes this region “Greater.” This year, we will work with regional partners to unveil the next iteration of Capital Crossroads and set the strategic vision moving forward. An integral part of that will be to continue to advance the goals of the DSM 4 Equity Collective, which seeks to develop tools, plans and goals that can build more equitable practices across businesses and communities.

Support the Iowa political parties and media in preparation for the 2024 Iowa Caucuses.

Whatever happens in the caucus process, we know that thousands of national and international media members will be in DSM during the caucus season. This gives us a chance to roll out the red carpet for our visitors and showcase the region. We will continue to work with regional partners including Catch Des Moines to advance the work of the Iowa Caucus Consortium in welcoming our visitors.

These priorities will be successful because of our Partnership Investors and Members. We need your involvement. Let’s make Greater Des Moines even Greater in 2023.

Learn more about The Partnership’s Strategic Priorities at DSMpartnership.com/calltoaction.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership Board is made up of Greater Des Moines (DSM) leaders and industry experts. The Board is united in driving economic growth with one voice, one mission and as one region.

Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy is the CEO of NCMIC and serves as the 2023 Greater Des Moines Partnership Board Chair.