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Legal Considerations for Getting Back into the Workplace Webinar

Back to Work Legal Considerations

The panel for the Legal Considerations for Getting Back into the Workplace webinar included input from the following speakers: Frank Harty of Nyemaster Goode, P.C.; Kelsey Knowles of Belin McCormick; and Michele Brott of Davis Brown Law Firm.

Reentering the Workforce Tips

The panel discussed various ways to safely protect employees and employers as companies formulate plans to bring staff back into the workplace. The employer is encouraged to have a pre-checklist ranging from legal standpoints to how to effectively set up the office space to accommodate social distancing and other preventable spreading of the virus. Companies need to have clear and documented communication for the employees that plan to return. Employers are encouraged to have creative solutions for complex issues and may need to collaborate with other businesses for ideas.

As businesses reopen to their employees, each employer should treat every day like it is a “blizzard.” Employees may be unable to arrive to work due to COVID-19 symptoms, they may be the only option for childcare or they may feel unsafe returning to work. Companies have an obligation under the Americans Disability Act (ADA) to accommodate for people who may be dealing with anxiety or fear associated with coming back to work during the pandemic. Also, it’s important to make it clear to all employees that they need to follow all safety policies when they are at work.

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